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How would you feel if Bulbasaur finally decided to evolve?


Saiyan Jedi
Like the title says, how would you feel if Bulbasaur after all these years finally decided it wanted to evolve?

it could work, maybe Bulbasaur hits a spot in its life were the only way for it to further improve is to evolve, they could even use this as a means to create the Aesop "sometimes in order improve you need to make changes/sacrifices" which correct me if I am wrong I don't think the show has ever conveyed that in an episode in its long history.

Pokegirl Fan~

I'd rather it didn't evolve tbh. Not all Pokemon need to be in their final forms to be powerhouses and I think it evolving would mess up it's battling style like it did with Torterra.


Silver Soul
Yeah Torterra showed us exactly what Bulbasaur would be like had he evolved (since Turtwig was near identical to Bulbasaur in personality and Battle style), and based on that I’m very glad that Bulbasaur never evolved and I sincerely hope that Bulbasaur will never evolve.


site of lies
oh god no. I can think of many reserves who could use an evolution, but not bulbasaur. not MY Bulbasaur. :mad:


Saiyan Jedi
I apologize for my vagueness, I didn't mean Bulbasaur had to evolve all the way it could theoretically maintain its current battle style as an Ivysaur, and besides even if it did become a Venasaur it could still become effective it could use its vines as a means of dodging attacks heck if memory serves that one guy with a Venasaur in the ninja village back during the Kalos arc owned and effectively used a Venasuar, go ahead and correct me if I am wrong.

But I do respect your guys opinions :)


Dawn & Chloe by ddangbi
I'd rather it didn't evolve tbh. Not all Pokemon need to be in their final forms to be powerhouses and I think it evolving would mess up it's battling style like it did with Torterra.
I also think that big powerhouse Pokemons on 4 legs would be difficult to give them versatile movements for the animators. Sure, there Ash's rivals & companions who owned these kinds of Pokemon, but I think their spotlights were pretty brief.


shy shipper
I wished they at least had bulbasaur or squrtle evolve once. Imo, wartortle is cuter than squrtle & ivysaur is just as cute (if not cuter) than bulbasaur. But the reason i wanted this, if just one of the other two evolved, then each starter would be in each stage of evolution:
Charizard: last
Middle & beginning could have with the other two.

And I don’t see how battle styles would be hindered so much in their 2nd form. I don’t really care for it happening now that OS is long over & bulbasaur is stuck at oaks for eternity due to moronic grass Pokemon & squrtle is stuck being a fire fighter.


Team Rocket's Enemy
I wouldn't mind seeing Bulbasaur evolve at all. Unlike Torterra, Bulbasaur as a Venusaur, if he evolved all the way, while he would be slower and less agile, does have access to Sleep Powder which, in the animé, in addition to putting an opponent to sleep, could make for a great defensive move against physical attackers, and could even be an obscuring move if used properly. Only Fire-types with Fire-type attacks would have an easy counter to it. Given a damaging recovery move in Leech Seed, Bulbasaur is far more versatile than he would first appear.

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
Meh. It would kinda ruin the iconic status around him if he grew out of his stubborn phase.


Lover of underrated characters
Eh... no.
I mean, I do want an Ivysaur to finally be owned by somebody of importance but I'm hoping Mallow fulfills that role.

If an old Grass starter should evolve, Snivy should become Servine. It'd still suit her personality and help make his Unova roster look a bit better.
The Water starters should really get an evolution if anybody though, none of them evolved until Greninja! Dewott or Croconaw would be dope!


Justice Forever
Bulbasaur is one of Ash's most iconic pokemon, and after decades of not evolving, it would feel odd and mildly depressing for him to suddenly evolve considering his personality and repeated decisions to not evolve.

Out of all of Ash's old pokemon that should evolve, it should be either Bayleef, Oshawott or Snivy. I feel Meganium and Dewott would be more marketable and popular pokemon in the anime than their prevolutions and I feel that not only would it not make too much difference for Snivy to evolve, but it would at least make Ash's Unova team appear a bit stronger.


Paladin of the Snow Queen
I don't think it ever will. If they really want to show off Mega Venusaur, they already have May, since Brock and Misty have proven capable of Mega Evolution.


I'd feel vexed since Fushigidane seemed to have made up his mind not to evolve during OS, which is a choice that I respected. I wouldn't want to see him change his stance on evolving, although even if he does, I don't see what the benefit would be.


Well-Known Member
I would be very mad, since Bulbasaur evolving would take away from the whole ambassador role it has at ranch and the whole bromance dynamic it has with Squirtle and Bulbasaur doesn't even want to evolve, since it wants too be strong in its OG form.
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