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How would you fix each Pokemon League


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I wanna know how people would fix the Pokemon league arcs for any region they think it could have been better
Indigo-get rid of Team Rocket interruptions, Ash's battle with Ritchie (particularly Squirtle's knockout decision), have Ash win it and replace him with the gsc characters for Johto and so on
Johto-it was pretty good, I would just make the battles better, get rid of Team Rocket appearances, and maybe lengthen the amount of episodes.
Hoenn-probably nothing I guess except for Team Rocket appearances.
Sinnoh-have Ash beat Paul in the finals.
Unova-I would change everything and have N and B1W1 Team Plasma interrupt the league.
Kalos-have Ash lose to Sawyer in the top 8 after collapsing under the Ash-Greninja strain
Alola-Have Lillie beat Gladion, Ash, and win the league (I don't really mind that Ash won it though tbh).


Kanto is love. Kanto is life.
Ash to battle Gary in Top 16 and Ash loses to set up Johto even better and also make Ash's battles all visible and viewable and not just 3.
I would replace that thing when you need a points during a match and make it normal.
Double battles to be Single 2 on 2 battles.
Nothing really.
2 on 2 battles change to 3 on 3, Ash losing to Virgil in Top 8( if Ash had to regress from SInnoh), make Trip battle Ash in 3 on3 and Stephan 2 on 2. Make Ash battle that Katarine character with Gothita( could be like Gothita vs Snivy or Scraggy ( 1 on 1)
Remove Ash vs Furfour guy battle, make Ash use reserves. Make almost all Ash battles viewable/visible and not like 2..
Remove 151 royale concept and make it 128 trainers, where 1 on 1 is until 16. Top 16 to be 2 on 2, Top 8 and 4 to be 3 on 3 and Finale: 6 on 6, make Ash lose to Kukui instead of winning( Kukui to have Dynamax since we always gen new gen stuff in previous gen and in SM we didn't get anything. It'd been perfect if Kukui's 6th Pokemon could Dynamax instead of TK. Make battles that were on 1 on 1 better.

Red and Blue

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Kanto- Just have Squirtle lose by knockout instead of sleep
Johto is fine
Hoenn is fine
Sinnoh is fine
Unova-Have Ash lose in the top 4 again or at the very least give Cameron a full team
Kalos is fine.
Alola-change the entire Ash vs. Hau battle and have Rowlet wake up before Hau is named the winner


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Kanto: Have Gary beat Ash then lose to another trainer in the league.

Johto: Ash wasn't skilled enough and his reserves weren't strong enough so no changes needed.

Hoenn: Have Ash use his reserves (Charizard/Snorlax/Bulbasaur/Squirtle)

Sinnoh: Ash faces Paul in the finals and have Paul use his strongest pokemon (Torterra/Electivire/Drapion/Ursaring/Magmortar/Honchkrow)

Unova: Have Ash use his reserves (Charizard/Sceptile/Heracross/Infernape/Kingler)

Kalos: Ash uses his reserves

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Kalos: Show a few more of Ash's battles.
Alola: Remove the battle royal and remove Mallow and add in Lusamine.
Ah Lusamine would have been a great choice for the League. If she was taking Mallow's place she would have probably beaten Lana though


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Indigo: Have ash lose properly, not by the BS that happened and certainly not because ash wasn't allowed to heal and one of his Pokemon fell asleep.
Johto: It was good no need to change it
Hoenn: Don't have ash lose to a freaking meowth. I don't see how more people don't have a problem with this I hated this
Sinnoh: No change
BW: Change everything except Ash vs Stephan. This league sucked so much even the junior cup was better.
XY: Have ash defeat Alain in the semi finals and lose to Sawyer in the finals (but also making sure Sawyer lost every time before against ash )
SM: Don't let a joke into the hau battle and have rowlet defeat decideueye (honestly i really didn't care that much for it but so many people have a problem with that lmao so best to change )

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Another change to the Alolan league is have Poipole return before it starts. Let it fight against Faba with Faba pulling the same stunt with Meltan thinking he would have the type advantage. Then when Guzzlord invades it evolves there after learning Dragon Pulse from watching Kukui's Lucario


The Kanto League is the only League that I thought was blatantly flawed, and I'd fix that by changing how it was set up. The changing battlefield aspect was interesting, but in the end I didn't think it was utilized as well as it could've been, so I'd get rid of that. I'd also make Pokemon falling asleep count as them being temporarily incapacitated instead of it being an automatic loss.


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Kanto: No TR shenanigans. Have Charizard not be eliminated because he went to sleep, but because it doesn't obey Ash. The most justified loss, because it shows Ash's inexperience.

Johto: Fewer one shots. (I barely remember this league aside from Ash vs Gary and the end of the Harrison fight)

Hoenn: Probably the most unique and underrated league. Maybe not have that first dude (Morrison?) lose composure and be dumb for the first half of his fight?

Sinnoh: #JusticeForTorterra. It could've taken out Drapion with a Ground-type move, or maybe settle it's score with Honchkrow, or (just a crazy thought) let it use that powered up Energy Ball that was being hyped up maybe?

Unova: Erase Cameron from existence, make Iris and Cheren (and maybe Hugh) rivals and give them (plus Trip) full battles at the league, let Ash's Krookodile and Iris' Dragonite sweep at least half a team each to cement them as powerhouses.

Kalos: Show more fights. If this is Ash's best team, show Talonflame and Goodra deleting teams, let us see Hawlucha 1v1 Mega Absol and win, show Noivern making up for its inexperience with Ash's out of the box strategies.

Alola: Instead of letting anyone join, make the requirement be winning at least three regular trials, or one regular trial and one grand trial. The companions participating in the league was a great idea, but they needed more non-TR on-screen battles and a clearer reason as to what they want from participating in the league. Also, I'm pretty sure that the island challenge is only allowed to tweens and teens, so maybe some other requirement (maybe winning that trial gym) for adults to compete as well.


"I Have No Regrets, This is The Only Path."
Johto: Make the battles more memorable with a bit better animation? Even for it's time.
Hoenn: Again, make the battles more memorable. Well that's really it.
Sinnoh: Torterra needs a bit more wins to say the least. Make Ash vs Paul the Finals, and have Ash win and then lose to the 1st elite four. Tobias should not exist.
Unova: ... Try.
Kalos: Give XY a 4th season thus more time for the league and have Ash win.
Alola: Have it be a normal league, and have better animation with actual climatic moments and erase the gags from existence for this arc.

Kanto was experimental, so it needs to be built new from the scratch tbh.


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Assuming Ash would still only win in Alola:

Indigo: lose because of an actual incompetence error instead of a pokémon refusing to obey him. And no pokémon disqualified because of sleeping, and his last battle should've been a 6v6 already
Johto: Fine to me, the only way to improve it would be with Ash winning it
Hoenn: Make the Meowth in boots a Pikachu-like recurring rival to Pikachu instead of appearing as a dreamcrusher out of nowhere and make this a climatic end(maybe with Pikachu beating him and losing to other random dreamcrusher). Make Tyson a more memorable character too
Sinnoh: Have Ash vs Tobias be a full batttle and have him use his strongest team. Every member of his team would be legendaries but Ash would put up the best battle of the series behind only maybe his previous battle vs Paul
Unova: First fix the whole series, then make Ash lose to a more honorable opponent.
Kalos: Show more battles, what was shown was pretty good already

Alola: Even an extra lineskip because of how good it would be: Kukui promotes the league but the Mysterious Masked Royal joins. The league has better battles after the first couple of rounds(with the companions losing right away but with the same development they had), but Masked Royal steamrolls everyone. Ash battles with Kiawe instead of Faba, in a similar battle to the last of SM. After beating Gladion, he prepares to face Masked Royal, but the Guzzlord thing happens, OVER TWO EPISODES. Then the final battle for the league is Ash vs Kukui like we know, with Ash's first league win vs him instead. Would make it even better.


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Kanto: Give the poor pidgeotto a fight on screen, because it was robbed in the league (let it evolve there while on this). Charizard refusing to obey is already incompetence from Ash's part, wouldn't change nothing.
Johto: Maybe evolve phanpy and cyndaquil here instead, you know, 3 and 10 years after, respectively. Maybe Marina instead Macey too. Everything else is fine.
Houenn: I'm good with this one.
Sinnoh: In general, I'd let torterra have his moment to shine (#JusticeForTorterra). Gible evolves after Vs Conway, justifying using it against Darkrai. Indeed a full battle against Tobias. He doesn't need a full legendaries team, but have Ash defeating three legendaries, two random mons, then losing to Tobias last pokemon because the whole fight has exhausted Ash's team.
Unova: First fix the whole series, then make Ash lose to a more honorable opponent.
Fu***ing this. Trip still losing early, though, because it's a fitting punishment.
Kalos: Vs Sawyer happens before the quarterfinals (Goodra actually wins against slurpuff). Semifinals match would be an aleatory, but strong opponent. Ash bring a team of his veterans, letting Kalos Team rest a little before Vs Allain. Allain have honchcrow and scrafty instead unfezant and weavile. Hawlucha loses to scrafty, letting noivern get the revenge match instead.
Alola: Put Mattori instead Faba as Ash's opponent, to have her learning in first hand with what the TRio deals for two decades. Considering everything else, I'm good with what we had.
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DuquÊ? said:
Johto: Maybe evolve phanpy and cyndaquil here instead, you know, 3 and 10 years after, respectively.
I agree about that, and I'd also suggest that they should've had Satoshi rely less on his reserve Pokemon in general at the Jouto League, and focused more on his Jouto Pokemon.


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Kanto League - Less Team Rocket interruptions, have Ash lose to Ritchie in a fair full 6 on 6 battle, more Pidgeotto battles.

Johto League - Wouldn’t change that much to be fair. Other than maybe change the Ash vs Harrison fight a little bit so Ash’s loss would be a little more realistic

Hoenn League - Not have Ash lose to a Meowth, more realistic wins

Sinnoh League - Give Torterra a win. For Ash vs Tobias to be longer and for him to not use Torkoal against Darkrai and Glalie against Latios rather than Swellow.

Unova League - Full battle between Ash and Trip where it comes down to Snivy vs Serperior and Snivy evolves to win. Then Ash loses to Virgil in the Semi-Finals because he uses Sylveon, which Ash has never seen before. Cameron either battles Ash earlier or loses to another rival.

Kalos League - Add 2 extra episodes, one before the Charizard X vs Y battle and one after. The first one to be a proper introduction the beginning of the rivals and battles. Then the Mega Charizard battle episode which lasts longer with Trevor losing Aerodactyl and Florges to Metagross, defeating it with his Charizard Y and then loses to Mega Charizard X. All rivals get a small scene of them advancing.
Second episode sees a small scene of everyone’s battles where they advance to the Quarter Finals. The matchups are revealed and we get a proper Ash vs Astrid battle. From then on the League is pretty much the same, except with the following wins;
- Noivern defeats Salamence, loses to Slurpuff
- Noivern defeats Metagross, loses to Bisharp
- Goodra defeats Bisharp, loses to Charizard
- Greninja defeats Charizard

Alola League - Pikachu uses Corkscrew Crash in the battle Royal round.
Ash vs Hau is a 2 on 2 or 3 vs 3 (all quarterfinal battles)
Ash vs Guzma is a 3 on 3 (both semi final battles)
Ash vs Gladion is a 6 on 6


Ilikepiex7 said:
Kanto: Have Ash lose a match where he wasn't sabotaged by Team Rocket. There is people that believe Ash could have beat Richie in a fair 3 v3 without needing Charizard if Team Rocket didn't get involved.
I also think that Satoshi could've won against him if his Pokemon had all been in perfect condition to battle. But in terms of plot, I think that Satoshi needed to lose against Hiroshi at some point during the League in order for him to realize that he had a long way to go before accomplishing his dream.


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Alola: I can sort of understand people's qualms with the league's qualifications, though the best I can think of to rectify that is boosting up from 16 to 32, making it even longer an arc. At least that way however, the non-battlers would be eliminated much earlier while still getting their moment and some other characters like the Elite Four that were oddly eliminated early could maybe comprise the later parts of the tournament. Ash could also have an extra battle to let one of his less utilised Pokemon pick up slack, like Lycanroc or Naganadel if it appeared earlier.

Also have Shaymin and Sandy's battling onscreen just so everyone got some sort of contribution shown.