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How would you react to an increased number of moves?


Well-Known Member
It's often been a wonder of mine how each gen will change the game as we've seen the game has some significant differences since gen 1. But one thing that so far has always been the same is the 4 move limit. Do you think this limit will ever change? Would you welcome the change? and if changed how many moves should the limit be?


Pokémon Blue
No, I wouldn't welcome it. I think it works just fine and what GF should improve about the moves are the HMs since I don't like how mechanical they are to act with the environment.


Gone But Not Forgotten
"Why didn't they do this earlier?"


Well-Known Member
The reason they have not changed it is because 4 moves is perfect, anything more will just make the game unbalanced.


Just another guy
it is fine the way it is. more moves would make everything unbalanced. more moves would make some pokemon way to good.

Marco The Phoenix

Y Yes, I Watch Anime
A number of pokemon would become even more dangerous. Doesn't sound like a good idea. Pokemon would become way too unbalanced. The pool of pokemon used would reduce even more.

Although, if specific pokemon that are lacking a great deal are given a couple of slots to become more diverse to challenge the upper echelon while the stronger pokemon are still limited to four. That could work perhaps. Just my take on the idea.
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Well-Known Member
It would make having excellent defensive stats more important than they are now. You'd have a "super effective" attack for each opponent along with nasty status moves.

I would support a system that's more like the attacks in the anime. A pokemon can learn an unlimited number of moves of its type and a few (as in one or two at a time) moves that are of a type different than its own. Of course, some defensive moves like protect should be available to all pokemon.


The Count
I've thought about this before and can only ever see it coming out badly...

1. No.
2. I'd try...
3. 5?

Mr. L 500

I don't think that they need to have more move slots (or whatever you would call them). I wouldn't mind seeing HMs reworked, though.


Internet Overlord
I might be the only person who could see this working... Sure it would make some pokemon more dangerous or give them more type coverage, but it would give all your pokemon a bigger movepool for you to battle with as well.


wandering trainer
no, the current move limit is perfect for balanced play in my opinion.


Well-Known Member
I wouldn't like it to be honest, BUT... I wouldn't mind if HMs weren't counted as one of your 4 moves.


Shadow of nothing
It depends on what level of gameplay you are talking about. For the casual player, this wouldn't actually change much, since in game you can usually muscle through things with STABs and the like, and a coverage move or two. It would make it easier to have HMs though, since you could add an HM into a say fifth moveslot.

Competatively, even adding a fifth move wouldn't end well. Many Pokemon can get by counters by running niche moves, but then lose coverage. Add in a fifth moveslot, and suddenly, you don't have that problem. Add a sixth one, and things get even crazier. Any more than six and things are just getting over the top. By that point, some mons don't need coverage moves, and can start running boosting moves instead.

Long story short, I could see adding a fifth moveslot working our decently. Adding a sixth one is iffy at best, and more than that should not under any circumstance be done.


What do I do now?
I'd be a little hesitant, but hey, in the end the developers will do what they want. So if there were to be five moves, we could all find a way to make it work.

I'd rather not change it, but I would get over it
I don't think that they need to have more move slots (or whatever you would call them). I wouldn't mind seeing HMs reworked, though.

I agree, couldn't they just make items that allow you to pass certain obstacles? Instead of making me teach Rock Smash to one of my Pokemon, just make "Hammer" a key item that a NPC gives you after beating a certain gym. Things like that.

At the very least though, HM moves should be able to be deleted like any other move. That, paired with the reusable TMs introduced in gen 5 would make it so that you could teach a Pokemon the HM move when you need to use it, and then use the TM to give it back its old move when you're done.


Well-Known Member
I wouldn't like it to be honest, BUT... I wouldn't mind if HMs weren't counted as one of your 4 moves.

Water fall and surf are very powerful water type attacks so they will always be counted.
I prefer if HM's did not have to be taught to a Pokemon and certain Pokemon would know how to do them anyway without having the need to have the actual HM's as part of it's 4 moves. For example, lapras should know how to surf without actually hiving surf as one of it's 4 moves.
But some people may like surf or water fall as part of their moves so may teach it anyway.
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Mew The Gato

Oh... this would turn certain Pokemon, especially ones with a wide movepool to become even more dangerous. (Mew, Arceus, Mewtwo, Smeargle, etc come to mind.)

Pokemon will have to pretty much reboot everything if this happens, so no, I would not welcome the change very well.