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How would you react to an increased number of moves?

No, no, no, no NO!
4MSS is a blessing for those on the opposite side of the field.
Adding even one more slot would just mean they can cover any and everything they otherwise couldn't. . .
Hydreigon, I'm looking at you. . .

Better yet, give Hydreigon exclusive access to a 5th move slot. . .

★Shiny Sylveon★

Well-Known Member
Just thought of it again:

Maybe it'll be ok, with adding 1 or 2 Slots..
Since some of the Pokemon have Awesome Moves/Egg Moves like Buneary, for example, her egg moves are amazingly awesome, it was hard to pick. XP
Like Buneary's Moves would've been awesome with this set: Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Focus Punch and Sky Uppercut. *u*
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This may sound stupid but maybe they could add one slot for some kind of special move or something. Maybe it you could only put a non damaging move in.


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Yeah..I don't think that would be such a good idea. A 5th move slot would just unbalance everything.
I wouldnt be against it. It would allow certain pokes to finally be able to shine

Murder Doll

Button Presser
Pokemon stats and movepools have been balanced around the 4 move slot set up.

Because of this I feel the bad would outway the good as even though some pokemon may actualy become viable with the 5th far to many high coverage pokemon would become overpowered as a result of the change.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
I don't think we should have more than 4 battle moves, that would make things too unfair. What I think they should do, however, is give Pokemon the ability to use extra moves in different situations, such as field moves and contest moves. Maybe even a separate moveset for form changes and Mega Evolutions.


From Zero To Hero
Changing it so that Pokemon could know more moves would severly disrupt the metagame, I don't think GameFreak wants to throw a wrench into the one thing that keeps people playing the series.


Feelin' the heat?
The four move limit needs to stay in place, imo, but there should be an extra spot for a field move (so HMs like Cut and Rock Smash) don't take up a move slot with their utter uselessness.

When I first read this thread's name, I thought you were talking about the number of moves in general. On that topic, I would love an increased number of moves total.

Bug: Strongest move is Megahorn with questionable accuracy. After that the next strongest is Bug Buzz at 90 (and Attack Order, but only Vespiquen can learn it)

Dark: A stronger move is really necessary here, especially after they got nuked with the Fairy type. The strongest is Foul Play at 95, but it is dependent on the target.

Dragon: Overpowered moves and a great number of strong moves

Electric: Decent with Thunderbolt and ...Thunderbolt. Thunder is iffy outside of rain/rain team, and other moves on par with Thunderbolt have recoil.

Fairy: Ahh yes. Fairies, the newcomer, which has moves that already take the Dark type to task. Moonblast is at 95 base power, and Dazzling Gleam hits multiple targets.

Fighting: The second most? moves and is pretty powerful, with a priority in there, which is always useful.

Fire: Decent with Flamethrower and Flare Blitz, and has a useable number of moves.

Flying: Ehh...not impressive. You have Brave Bird, which is awesome, but after that you end up with Fly, I guess. Too many two turn moves. Hurricane has terrible accuracy, and is usable in rain/rain team.

Ghost: It's okay. Phantom Force, unlike most two-turn moves, can't be blocked, so it's pretty good. Shadow Ball is decent as well, but Ghost is also lacking 90 power moves.

Grass: Would be meh except for Petal Dance (Grass type of Outrage and Thrash) and Wood Hammer, which causes recoil. And Solar Beam is in there as well.

Ground: Amazing because of the ever present, base power 100 Earthquake. And it does have other usable moves.

Ice: Ice Beam and Blizzard (which has shaky accuracy, but always seems to hit when you don't want it to)

Normal: Great diverse moves, and some which are pretty powerful (Boomburst, Extreme Speed, Return)

Psychic: Good moves in Psychic and Psyshock

Poison: Sludge Wave and Sludge Bomb are it, but they are pretty useful as well as powerful with base 95 and 90 respectively. Poison Jab is in the mix as well. Poison type moves get their use mostly from the new Fairy type and Toxic, which is good for stall teams and whittling down HP

Rock: Outside of Stone Edge, most of these moves aren't too stellar. A lot of Rock-type moves have lower accuracy. Rock Slide is good in doubles and for killing Talonflame though

Steel: Steel doesn't really have a great movepool, suffering from the same problem as Rock in low accuracy as well as no 100% accurate moves in the 90 power range

Water: Good, with Surf and Hydro Pump, as well as a priority move.

Some of the types which are lacking good moves need to be brought up to par, namely in my mind, Rock and Steel. These types would be an absolute nightmare if they were given stronger moves.
Also, Dark type is really getting trampled on. They need a 100 base power, 100 accuracy move as well.
The four move limit needs to stay in place, imo, but there should be an extra spot for a field move (so HMs like Cut and Rock Smash) don't take up a move slot with their utter uselessness.

Although I semi agree with this. That'd put surf and waterfall in that same category. We all know they aren't "Useless" moves. But, they'd be field moves nonetheless. So, there's a happy medium, and we've had it since the creation of the game.


The Uncultured One
I agree with the above statements, HMs shouldn't take up a move slot. They should be automatically taught to certain pokemon in an extra 'Accessability' slot, such as the larger water pokemon getting natural access to Surf, pokemon like Sycther getting acess to Cut naturally and decent size flying types getting Fly, and so on. But there should only be one per pokemon, to prevent HM slaves and the sort.
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The thing is, Cut, Rock Smash, and Strength are used far less than ever this gen. I think the only one you absolutely need (of those three) is Strength. Surf and Waterfall are both Viable moves, and also the only over moves you need to complete the story. They're already sort of making HM moves more of a beneficial thing to have to get items, and Pokemon.


Well-Known Member
Overall, the game mechanics could need a few changes, but adding more move slots?
Never, that would totally break the concept of Pokemon battles.


Feelin' the heat?
Although I semi agree with this. That'd put surf and waterfall in that same category. We all know they aren't "Useless" moves. But, they'd be field moves nonetheless. So, there's a happy medium, and we've had it since the creation of the game.

As I was writing that, I did think "What about Surf?" because that is a fantastic move. So maybe, it could be a move as well as a field move? I am just thinking this to prevent HM slaves. It is a compromise that has been around for quite a while though.

HMs are a lot more tolerable this generation though. Strength since Gen 5 has you push the boulders into holes, so you no longer have to solve the same boulder puzzle every time, and you don't have to keep a pokemon with Strength on you at all times. Getting rid of Rock Smash and Rock Climb was great though. And Cut, well I can see how those bushes would keep you back, because they actually have thorns on them, whereas the previous trees you had to cut down were miniscule and I could have stepped over them.


Seasons, they turn..
Hmmm, I say that Pokemon should stick to it's root, 4 moves. If there more than 4 moves, battles would be much more complex and quite unfun, IMO. A person could probably sweep a team with a legendary because it could know a ton of moves. Or, those annoying Pokemon that are just tanks in battle can know more moves to help it survive longer. I say, it would kind of destroy the whole meta game and rebuild it into something totally different.

However, this is just my opinion, and you are allowed to disagree.


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Four moves seems rather perfect, but I think that if it were to change we'd get used to it
At first I thought it was preposterous, but the additional slot, maybe for HM can make some sense... Even if it questions the purpose of HM in the first place
Overall I hope it'll stay the same


Well-Known Member
Nah it wouldn't work. I heard they were actually planning an increasing the amount of moves you could use, but decided against it.
It would be interesting, but its kind of to late now.