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How would you react to an increased number of moves?


High Five The Sky!!!
I wouldnt mind them adding more move slots to pokemon. I think it would be cool having more moves to your disposal.


No. I don't think there should be more move slots added.

Adding more moves would ruin the game. If pokemon could learn a bunch of strong moves, then they'll always have a way to react to every situation. You could teach your pokemon a ton of tms and hms, and pretty much always have a move that causes status ailments. It would turn some pokemon into simply unfair fighting machines.

I like the balance of having 4 moves. You can always change the moves on your pokemon, they aren't married to a moveset. You can also train up another of the same pokemon in a completely different way. 4 moves allows for more diversity and prevents pokemon from becoming overpowered. You also have to be more selective over what moves you wish your pokemon to learn as a trainer.
That sounds like an interesting idea, but not the best. That may upset the balance of power of Pokemon considerably. However, it does add unpredictability to the mix, that could potentially cause some interesting battles. I'd rather they just kept it at the four move limit though, just so nothing becomes too over powered.


buys meat
I think that the competitive community would definitely be flipped upside down for a while. It may not seem like a big deal, but the current move limit is crucial to the nature of the game. By adding more moves, there'd be more possibilities, but that might not be a good thing. I'm not sure how I'd feel were they to add more moveslots. People would probably get used to it eventually, but that doesn't mean that they'll be completely happy with it. :/

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Although I semi agree with this. That'd put surf and waterfall in that same category. We all know they aren't "Useless" moves. But, they'd be field moves nonetheless. So, there's a happy medium, and we've had it since the creation of the game.

Then allow field moves to take up both the field move slot and one of the battle move slots if you want to use it in both scenarios.
There is a pro and some cons to more moves:

I don't have to carry that HM slave around with me.

This would allow for too much type coverage on a given Pokemon. For instance, a Gyarados could know an extra Blizzard on top of Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Thunder, and Fire Blast. If that person used that Gyarados against you, you would be out of luck.

The screen real estate on the 3/2DS would not allow for another move without looking cluttered.

It would make certain Pokemon overpowered
It'd be awesome, really.

Iblis Trigger

It would be great if your Pokemon knew 4 great moves and it wants to learn another great move. At the same time, however, it would be a little unfair and overpowered.


: Please Shine
More than 4 moves seems like too much and a Pokemon's move set will become a lot harder to predict competitively. I would like an exception with HM Moves though. For example, it doesn't make sense that a water type Pokemon wouldn't know how to learn surf unless taught to.


Heated Fury
I don't think more than 4 are needed. 4 move slots are enough. I think competitive play will become harder with more than 4 move slots


Agent Virginia
As a lot of people are saying, it would probably make the game quite unbalanced and I personally would not welcome such a change.


ES member Eclair
Thanks to the below, I am able to give us all a AWESOME Pokémon 5-8 maybe more atks (moves) without breaking the game idea.

Ok so, basically using the new idea, Pokémon are still limited to 4 atks IN BATTLE but, outside of battle they can have 5-8 maybe more atks in their reserve and they can freely switch between these extra moves with their in battle only moves. By doing this, it lets us keep moves we were "forced" to not go with :( and it also still keeps the game's balance since we'd still only be able to use 4 moves in the battle and you can't rotate or switch the moves till the battle is over.

I would MORE than welcome that change! ^ But, if going by just an increase of moves, I've been wanting more than 4 moves for a while (Again, cuss moves I was forced to leave behind) but I do agree even giving 5-6 moves (6 being the max or game breaks completely) makes the game very hard for everyone because of so many status/super effective/other moves now known by all mons. So I'd only welcoe it if they could make it A) fair to all mons/players and B) make it to where it doesn't break the game and also if it doesn't make it so you are limited to a handful of mons.

V The below that gave me the awesome idea. V (PLEASE Nintendo/Game Freak! Make my idea a reality!!!)

I wouldn't like it to be honest, BUT... I wouldn't mind if HMs weren't counted as one of your 4 moves.
^ THIS! Only thing is, you may not be able to use the HMs unless you switch!!! Forget it! Better idea!!!! (See above) Originally I was going to say you could have any HM move but can't use them in battle unless you set it to allow you too but you'd have to give up 1 of the other 4 moves to do so.


not the color
^ ... that actually isn't a bad idea. It's easily explained--"it's proper etiquette that a Pokemon only uses four moves in one battle." Then you could get the added dimension of villainous characters breaking that rule.
So, I'm not the only one who's thought of that. Like, should they double it up, and have 8 moves?? Or like, have 2 classes of move sets for one pokemon?
Moveset 1:
Me first
aura sphere
ice beam

Movest 2:
light screen
drain punch

Like, that would drastically change the game!!!! Link battles would just be……………….idk. Off the hook. Like, all hell would break loose?


Unova Champion
I like the idea, but the game would have to completely restructured. Keep in mind that this would be a HUGE change to the metagame, so the competitive scene is in a way formatted around four move slots. I do believe that this change would make the metagame more interesting and strategic (and also make HMs less of a _____!), but then the move pools of nearly all Pokemon would have to be restructured to accommodate the change. If a fifth move slot was introduced, and nothing else would change, then obviously the balance would be upset, but Game Freak of course would restructure accordingly, and I think I would like the change.
I think it would be a neat idea, however, I think I would get lost in finding a move I want to use.

Having four moves available is good enough; I don't need more in order to win a Pokemon battle. Also, the moves should be chosen accordingly.


Golden Sun 4?
I think having more slots with 4 moves would ruin the Metagame. Yes some Pokemon could use it, and it may balance it out a little bit, but it would make the strong Pokemon stronger, so it is pretty pointless. However I am not against you having 4 slots for HM moves which cannot be used in battle (in-game or competitively), only usable on the field.