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How would you react to an increased number of moves?

However, I would love it if HM's were are natural ability for use outside of battle that got unlocked after earning certain badges (aka earning the trust of your Pokemon).

Yes. This. A thousand times this. I think it was the Gen 5 games, my memory is mush right now, but I remember not needing every HM to get through the main story, and it was glorious.


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Seeing as how we only have 4 move slots, and HMs can often take up 1 or 2 of those, I would welcome an additional 2 or so slots. I think it seems fair, considering how only a few HM moves are actually decent in battle.


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4MSS exists for a reason. It would become the aforemenetioned "unbalanced", even more so than it already is.


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I'm sticking to what I originally said

The move limit debate can go on for hours and hours. I personally welcome new things, but I am not going to lie. I would be a bit uneasy at first. I would like most competitive/in-game battlers would have to totally rethink their strategy.

I also see a lot of people are conservative on this topic so I will say this. Were you scared when Mega Evolutions came out? What about the stat split in Generation 4? My point is Pokemon is constantly changing all the time. Literally every year, month, hour or minute new strategies are being made and new ideas are being thought up by Gamefreak and Nintendo. So my question is this. How can you be so scared for the move limit to go up, when this happens all the time? Like I said before, every generation's battle style, strategies and ideas change. If most of us have been adapting to that, then why wouldn't we be able to adapt to this. I am not saying I support an increase in move limit, but I'm also not saying it would be imbalanced like most people have been saying. By that logic we should also say the change of stat splits, mega evolutions, eviolites and exp shares make the game unbalanced too. The truth here is, people are afraid of change. But we should welcome that. New ideas have been making this game better. If Gamefreak was close minded to new things would we have this beautiful new Pokemon engine that stands before us today? A random matchup system to battle anyone around the world with a click of a button? New ways to connect the community to keep the franchise alive has always been based on new ideas. Literally no one should be afraid of this.

Change is good. If Pokemon was the same as Gen IV most of us would have left by now.
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It'd change everything... Perhaps that's needed, though. But in the competetive arena, more moves means it's harder to counter Pokemon. Sometimes when a Pokemon has to choose between, say, Thunderbolt or Ice Beam, then an opponent using what ever type the pokemon chose to not counter, can win.

So if a Salamence faces an Alakazam, we don't know if Alakazam can OHKO Salamence with Ice Beam.


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If we could take Mega Evos and Fairy Types and Stat Splits I'm sure we could take more moves. Although I'd probably prefer it to be 4 moves.


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Someone said something about being able to upgrade to maybe six moves earlier on this thread, and I think that would be okay, but a drastic change. But I like the idea of being able to attain two more moves if you work for it.
i think pokemon should retain their entire movepool, but only be allowed four in battle. so you never forget a move. you can just swap it out whenever. but you can only have four during a battle