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How would you survive a Zombie apocalypse?


Team Aqua Admin
I'm alright, they don't have any brains to eat.


Est sularus oth mith
Quite frankly one cannot survive a Zombie Apocalypse. It is inevitable you will be killed. Without fail you would have to eventually get fuel (for a generator), or food to eat. So even locking yourself into a bunker would fail.

However I have good marksman skills from my military days, so I could keep the dead at bay with that, and I have a fine collection of usable swords (including a Damascus Steel Katana) for when I'm out of bullets.

With that I'd follow the rules from Zombieland and I'd do pretty good.
Go to the Winchester and wait for it all to blow over.

Sorry, someone had to.
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Swampert Master
Board the windows and doors. Grab the old shotguns and pistols and carving knives. In the mean time, we'll also be trying to piece together armor for the home vehicle so we drive off.

Zombies do die eventually.


not bad
Simply put, become their ruler and take over the world.


Well-Known Member
id wear a helmet and some light armour carry a sword and lock my self in a banks vault and plant some vege and fruit seeds in a makeshift garden for food id than keep litres of water in the safe and use sweat to water the plants ( i know sounds gross but who said being hunted by zombies would be fun )
Grab emergency beer, get boat, go to lake, spend days fishing until it goes away.

Alternatively, what Snorunt Conversationist said.


Justice Forever
Find all the poisonous gas I could find, find the biggest building possible and make the most amount of bait also possible like some brains, lure all the zombies to the building and gas them all to death. Or could just grab an m2 flamethrower and a ray gun then kill them all!!! :D. If it was like zombies on call of duty, I'd definetly be doing what Richtofen does and find the best guns and make hilarious comments. Just make something renewable and from a renewable energy source like using the sun and a magnifying glass to burn wood or things to make molotovs and burn them all to another death. But these zombies would have to be nazi zombies, have an evil nazi and an angry american in your ear and jfk and fidel castro in front of you back to back shooting them all (Seriously, what is the point of zombies if they are not like they are on call of duty and are nazis? So much more fun).


Mes amis
Prisons and inner-city schools work well as fortresses against zombie onslaughts. Once the grid fails you'll need to hook up a man-powered apparatus to the generator, and also use the seeds to make a garden. Ideally there would be a large group of people, who could use the Prison library to each become a makeshift expert in a certain area such as gardening, engineering, medicine, then hold classes to instruct others in case they are killed in battle. There are a lot of other options too


<('.'<) (>'.')>
Well based on zombieland i would survive because:

- I have excellent cardio(I run cross country)
- I wouldn't care about others should the situation arise(not 'being a hero')
- And finally i'm likely to be very paranoid around zombies, ensuring i give them the 'double tap', so i don't get nasty surprises. Honestly i'm this way with spiders, so zombies are gonna provoke a whole lot of paranoia from me lol.


burning it down
Well considering I'm physically weak, lack necessary speed and stamina and I own no weapons - I don't think I would survive. I reckon I'd probably just stay in my house, take 'safety' precautions and try and wait it out.

Alternatively, I would love to be immune to the virus like in Left 4 Dead. That way I could rampage around doing whatever I wanted. That'd be fun.


♫ Ad vivere
I wouldn't.

And although I hate the idea of it happening, I would have to laugh as I surround myself by all of the fools who think it would be just like in their silly video games and think it would be so cool if zombies were real. They'd be the first to die.