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How would you survive a Zombie apocalypse?


Black Triangle
Simple. Get a sunflower and some peashooters, have them kill all the zombies, quite easy.
(Someone had to make a plants vs zombies reference)


Human Disaster
I'd burn them.


Wut are you saying?
Play the Pokemon Theme Song until they die. The undead can't survive 10 hours of friendship and destinies.

Marbi Z

The only person in my family who could survive a zombie apocalypse is my brother Connor heck he has a Zombie survival guide!


<-Cute little guy
I would probably stay in the air somehow,that would be the hard part

Who sees zombies up in the air?I don't But there's zombie birds
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New Member

I would have as much fun as possible and not care about survival...go around bashing as much heads as possible...I stayed locked in to much


Fly it all away!
make a game transfer device and summon an army of white monks (from final fantasy tactics advance) kill all the zombies with their powers!