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How would you survive a Zombie apocalypse?


Can't Touch This.
Play really loud Rebecca Black music.

That or pray for Chuck Norris's assistance.


litwick ninja
With a flamethrower, what else?

millions of zombies running around on fire settin everything else on fire.
good tactic, bad side effects


if there are zombies, there are fantasy mythology creatures!

this is a battle between hell earth and heaven.

i just don't want to be involved-_-


Really and truly
I would call up all my zombie- and horror-expert friends and find out where to meet them. I'd take the family SUV. And maybe the family. Hopefully, one of my friends has already set up a sustainable, zombie-proof house. There will be designs.

Play really loud Rebecca Black music.

That or pray for Chuck Norris's assistance.
Chuck Norris does not help those who listen to Rebecca Black, even if it's just to ward off zombie.



Spriter and Writer
1. Meet up with hastily arranged repopulating partner
2. Hijack a pick-up truck with a covering.
3. Drive to Gun store
4. Steal some guns and ammo.
5. Drive to military base.
6. Pick up some survivors (preferably male/female pairs for repopulation, and a backup copy of all CIA intelligence)
7. Get a yacht.
8. Find an oil rig with a nearby island.
9. Hook up some of the power to the island for radios and Xbox360.
10. Build a storm shelter on island.
11. Build houses, repopulate.
12. Every 6 years, send a team of two by helicopter (One on the oil rig) or boat to see how the situation is.
13. Raise kids knowing about zombies and how to fight them.
14. When the apocalypse ends, return to mainland and slowly rebuild.


Not a tool
I probably won't survive a zombie apocalypse because I don't believe in them. When it comes, I won't be expecting it...


How I would survive a zombie apocalypse?
I'd eat the zombies before they eat me :)

Roronoa Zoro

Cracks begin to show
I wouldn't. I'm a very slow runner. But, then again, maybe I could pretend o be a zombie like in Shaun of the Dead.




Hahaha,I'd use plants incase of a Zombie apocalypse Plants VS Zombies style.


Est sularus oth mith
LOL I'd sacrifice as many non friends and family as I needed to survive. It's pretty arrogant to think we could survive a Zombie apocalypse But I'd do whatever was necessary... Call me Tallahassee!