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How You Evolve Pokemon That Need to Be Traded... WITHOUT Trading!...

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Rather Odd...
My prayers have been answered!
I'm glad too, cause I don't trust people
Especially over Wi-Fi
Cause they could be anywhere, and not have a conscious
Anyways, thanks whoever found this!


lol internet
Dude, I'mma totally get a level 100 Bidoof just for a laugh.

But yeah, as soon as I can get Wi-Fi, I will totally try this. :3


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Pretty cool trick, but i dont do glitches, so...


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Pretty cool trick, but i dont do glitches, so...

Technically it's not a glitch. I think that if it is their Nintendo made that on purpose


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I'm not sure if it was intentional by Nintendo, but I was able to get my pokedex pretty far by using that glitch/trick before I joined this place. Out of all the new third-stage pokemon, I'm missing Electivire, Magmortar, and Froslass: The ones obtained in trades were once mine but some were traded (like Rhyperior). This is a good tool for those who can't get a trade with another person or who likes to aviod scammers

Evo Janus

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wow, thats an interesting glitch.

yea i call it a glitch. do you guys know how wifi trading works. as i understand it, the wifi system copies the info to your pokemon, stores it in some database in wifi land, and deletes that pokemon from your game. then when you go back to get it, it matches your friend code to the poke info you sent and either gives back what you put up or the pkmn you traded for. so when cloning, you wait til right before the game is about to delete your pkmn and then you turn it off, so then theres one on your team and one in limbo.

likewise for this trick, it seems you trick the programming to believe a trade has happened, then when you go back to get your pkmn it tries to evolve.

its the same like catching mew in the original red and blue. definitely a glitch in the u.s. Even though the mew is in the programming, nintendo didnt want you to catch him.
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Well yeah, you do have to perform a trade, but you don't have to trade your beloved Level 100 Shiny Porygon for it to evolve! aljames managed to compose a nice guide, so I give complete credit to him. Here it is:

Well, I just tried it. I put in my Magmar with Magmorizer and asked for something no one would trade me. I went and traded a Gastly for someone's Bidoof. I went back for my Magmar... and got a Lv100 Celebi! WOW! That was a surprise.

Now, I still need a Magmorter ;)

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i recommend u put it up for a lvl 9 and under mew since its impossible to get. Also try doing a low lvl legendary (palkia lvl 9 and under) since its impossible and u WONT GET SCAMMED

I keep seeing that Mew thing all over these boards. I got my Mew at an event. He was level 5. It's possible to get them under level 9 legitimately. Why doesn't anyone seem to know this?


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it would have been useful to know about this before i evolved all of my trade evolution pokemon but its useful to know for any future restarts, so thanks
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