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How'd you beat Dialga?


I've noticed a lot of people have different strategies for beating Dialga in PMD2. I myself...

I was a Mudkip and my partner was a Turtwig. Both of us learned Protect, and Protect in PMD is AWESOME. It lasts for many turns, and you can attack during it! So this is how it went:
Me: Protect
Turtwig: Protect
Dialga: Roar of Time (miss)
Me: Water Pulse
Turtwig: Giga Drain/Energy Ball
Dialga: Roar of Time (miss)
Me: Water Pulse
Turtwig: Giga Drain/Energy Ball
Protect wears off
Me: Protect
Turtwig: Protect
Dialga: Roar of Time (miss)
Me: Water Pulse
Turtwig: Giga Drain/Energy Ball
Dialga: Roar of Time (miss)
Me: Water Pulse
Turtwig: Giga Drain/Energy Ball...
And so we won!

Dragon Chimchar

wha you say!
well i was a Chimchar and my partner was Turtwig
so i threw a sleep seed and Dialgas asleep
then i kept using Flamethrower and my partner used a few Razor leafs
and thats how i beat Dialga


Well-Known Member
Me: Sleep seed, go!
Chili: Flamethrower!
Me: Mud Slap!
Chili: Flame Wheel!
Me: Mud Slap!
Chili: Flame Wheel!
Dialga wakes up! Attacks!
Me: Eek! Sleep Seed!
Chili: FT!
Me: Oran Berries, heal!
Chili: Flame Wheel!
Me: Mud slap!
Chili: FT!
Me: Ice Beam!
Chili: FW!
Me: Ice Beam!

Those things over and over again, until Dialga was KOed.


burning it down
I'm Turtwig, my partner's Cheeks.

I just threw a Sleep Seed, attacked it, through another, attacked etc. That's how I beat Primal Dialga.


I'm a pikachu and my partners a squirtle. I discovered I had an X-eye seed, chucked that at him, and then used discharge until he died.

I was so happy I almost dropped my gameboy.
My partner is a treecko that knew dig, so i supported him by using sing and giving him oran berries. I is a skitty, so because of my normalize abilty even my ice beam is useless. (dialga's steel type. >_<)

I nearly fainted in joy when i beat him. Dialga's not nice at all.


I lost the game?!?!
;255;:*endless Flamethrower, with two Digs*
;393;:*Endless Water Pulse*
Dialga:* Roar of Time, Dragon Claw and Metal Claw. Oh and intimidate*
Team Aquaruby's bag: Minus two sleep seeds, few Oran berries and six reviver seeds
Final blow: ;255; using Flamethrower whil HP's low, thank goodness for Blaze ability.


I'm a Piplup partner's a Torchic. First a stun seed to get close. Then I keep on using dig and partner keeps on using mirror move.


i battled him like 15 times then gave up, went back to treasure town got bullet seed adn ice beam from a wondermail. Taught tutwig bullet seed and me (munchlax) ice beam. Then i took alot of reviver seeds, stun seeds and sleep seeds then i went back up there and on the first go we beat him and i didn't even use a reviver seed XD


the second teamy i had was a treecko and he knew dig so while he used that i threw a sleep seed and it was over before i knew it, i really thought dialga was stronger.
...Through a lot of pain and suffering...

I (Treecko) was able to SleepSeed Dialga when it got to close, before Piplup and I ganged up on it. It woke up several times, only to RoarOfTime us. Barely surviving each time, I SleepSeeded it once again - recovering with OranBerry during the next turn. After running out seeds, I feared I was done for. Luckily, an exceptionally well timed CriticalHit made sure that we carried home the win. I'm not sure if the attack needed to be a CriticalHit, but does it matter?

That was my first victorious fight against Dialga (after many, many disappointing failures).

Shadow Tepi 8

Prince of Blue
This is how I beat Dialga

I was a Paitep (Torchic Lv. 42) and my partner was Robert (Mudkip Lv. 42). I threw a totter seed at Dialga which confuses it. It just walks around. In the meantime, I eat Violent seeds, maxing out my offense. By the time Dialga snapped out of confusion it was in front of me with Robert next to me. I used Fire Blast (I knew it at that time), which takes away about 350 HP in one shot. Robert uses Mud Slap which does about 120 HP damage. Dialga then uses Dragon Claw on me which takes away about half of my HP. Finished it off using Fire Blast which was a critical hit. Did about 500 HP damage and defeated Dialga.

The second visit to recruit was different. This time I had Flamethrower instead of Fire Blast and I used Mirror Move. Basically, I used Mirror Move on the first turn while it moved in front of me, then I start spamming Flamethrower while Dialga uses moves which bounce back onto itself. A quick win for me this time.

The Tail

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This is what I did:

*uses sleep seed on dialga
chikorita uses enrgy ball
meowth (me) uses dig, is underground
chikorita used body slam
uses dig on dialga
*wakes up* uses ancient power on chikorita
chikorita uses razor leaf *critical hit*
mewoth uses brick break
dialga uses roar of time
*chikorita uses reviver seed*
meowth uses brick break *critical hit*dialga dies

I was lv.100 (I used golden seeds) so it wasn't too hard

kamiyama takashi

cromartie high god
hey how about you try using a pokemon thats strong against dragon and water like
a milotic or an glaceon....teach it blizzard or ice beam and or solar beam maybe that could work.....i tried it and it work......so thats it.and pls be my friend


Like a boss!
Dialga was pretty easy for me. All I had to do was throw an x-eye seed, so it can't attack properly, and attacked it a couple of times. Over very quickly. I also had Cyndaquil which knew flamethrower, so that helped.