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Howja like these pokemons?

hey, just wanting to know if my deck is good 'n' stuff. all is well.

teh deck:


3 rayquaza ex
2 rayquaza dragon vault
3 emboar b/w 21(promo)
1 pignite
4 tepig
3 eelektrik
4 tynamo 39/101


3 rare candy
3 first ticket
4 cilan
3 catcher
2 switch


15 fire
10 lightning

idea is to get eels, pigs and rayquaza out and work it like a system: power up with eels on bench, and cilan then fandango to add to rayquaza, effectively k-o-ing any pokemon they have to throw at you, therefore removing the problem of crystal wall. it is only weak to its own type which would be weak to it anyway (unless they play a mew ex) and first cards ensure a headstart.

so whatcha think?
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Your deck is slightly scattered.

First of all, too. Many. Energy.

Second? First ticket is yuck. You have like, a 5 % chance of starting, and if it doesnt work it's clogged up hands. Especially since you run no way of getting pokemon (balls)

Also, you desperately lack draw supporters, or draw anythings for that matter. I just noticed that you said don't suggest the first 2 things I did. Which makes me wonder if you even want help. Because I don't see this deck working well.

Rayquaza being your only attacker, means that you only need bulk of one type of energy, fire OR electric, and a few of the other one for the sake of using the attack. The problem being you can't even effectively FIND your rayquaza's no matter how hard you try.

Personally. Do eels with ray and otherelectrics. Or boar with ray, and other fires. I'd know. I've tried both Qwaa ;195;
well i am 11, i'm not the strategy kind of person, just a pow-pow kind of person. edited my deck, now how's this?

4-1-3 emboar bw
3 rayquaza ex
2 reshiram bw
3 emolga dr

4 juniper
3 n
3 cheren
4 rare candy
3 catcher
3 switch
3 energy retrieval
2 super rod
2 ultra ball
2 heavy ball

10 lightning energy
5 lightning energy


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Just because you're 11 doesn't mean you are immune to strategy. 'pow-pow' is still a strategy. ;) This looks a little bit better. But emolga is fairly unecessary. Especially 3 of them
-3 emolga
+2 Mewtwo EX
Also, entei EX will outdo reshi BW, especially with all of rayquaza's discarding.
-2 Reshiram
+1 Entei EX
otherwise, I like it.

Of course, I you now have 2 open slots
+2 Cilan, for that extra kick. Good luck on your games Qwaa ;195;
thank you!


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What, rayquaza is not his only attacker he can still deal 80 with emboar, is that what it's used for no, but if it works it works. Also going emboar in a rayquaza deck is like this, back when people where compairing reshiboar to zekeel's and zekeels dominated, eels is a better engine, its faster to play easier to play, and when half of the popular T/S/S cards are made for deck's like eel's it's not even a comparision anymore. I don't like you're entei Idea (as I run this inmy test deck, rayquaza mewtwo, it deals fast powerful damage with ultra balls and juniper at turn 2 I'm usually running 2 dyanmotor out with 120 dmg per turn at least). so basically if you run 4 ju7niper dyanmotor is a no brainer. Also why no to entei why deal 90 when I can deal 100+ everyturn.