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Hows everyone doing during Corona?

Doing sort of good. Haven't gotten sick or met anyone who was sick either. I still have my job but a lot of stores are closed around here and there's nothing to do.


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Doing ok. Just been staying in for the most part, apart from the monthly shopping trip to stock up on groceries.

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Playing a lot of video games and using the internet. Also been using Facebook more as well as leaving tons of YouTube comments.

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Playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on the Switch! As well as a bit of Youtube, Facebook and Discord.


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My family is currently staying with my girlfriends and I which is very chaotic I’m waiting for this thing to end so I can have my house back lol.But other than that it’s mostly fine I’ve been catching up on switch/Xbox games that I haven’t played.


The situation hasn't affected me as badly as it's affected other people. There's no actual quarantine where I live, although they have suspended a few classes, so I'm doing a lot of course work at home. My main worry is how long this pandemic will last since it's eating away at my savings.

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Research ground to a screeching halt for me because my university is basically just security warding off thieves.

At least I get plenty of pay teaching from the LMS.


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where I live it seems to be flattening the curve so to speak, so I'm hoping I'll be able to see my boyfriend by my birthday in July but I'm not holding my breath.

personally I've just been doing much of the same since I didn't manage to get a job before this all went down and the course I signed up for is hopefully going to start in September. I watch the Masked Singer on Wednesday which hasn't changed, and I'm relieved they finished filming of season 3 before all this even if season 4'll probably be delayed. it's like one of the only things I look forward to in the week now that hockey's postponed.


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Well i stay at home and be on my computer, playing some games, watching some anime.
In Germany the closed all schools and universerties until the 19 April. I think the curfew will be longer until October.

Its very funny that everyone is so strict about their hygiene now, but before the crisis starts everyone was not so strict. I saw it in public restrooms, many people dont wash their hand before using the toilet and many dont wash their hand after their "business". I take this seriosly but dont lose my calm. For many people is this disease like a normal influenzia but its good that the goverments around the world decide to make curfew, shutdowns, school closings etc.

PS: This is the first time that peole who always used to be antisocial and lonly are good rolemodels.



It’s definitely opened my eyes to people who seem like they can’t give up anything. I’m not understanding why people can’t just stay in their houses and do nothing. We’re in the 21st century and have access to all types of things that can keep us busy. I really find it inconsiderate how theres multiple cases and people still aren’t heading the warning because they can’t go x amount of time being “alone”. Nonetheless as someone who enjoys going out this feels like torture but so far my only experience with the outside world is to work and going home since my job is considered “essential”. I don’t like the idea of not celebrating my birthday but it is what it is I suppose.


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First off, hope everyone’s doing ok.

I’m doing decent. Having my last few months of my senior year end abruptly is bittersweet but I just want this to get over with so we can minimize the amounts of deaths. My professors are mostly being considerate considering I’m close to the most dangerous place to be in the US. I’ve been ok with money though I’m finding it hard to not just go a snack binge lol.

As for how I’ve been passing the time, I’ve been playing Animal Crossing, Dragon Quest 11, and other Switch games I haven’t had the time to play pre-quarantine. I’ve also been getting my friends in a Discord server that I made so we can stay connected and keep ourselves mentally sane.

My birthday is in 2 days so it’ll be nice knowing I don’t have to work or study then but also kinda meh on the fact that I have no choice but to stay home


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It’s definitely opened my eyes to people who seem like they can’t give up anything. I’m not understanding why people can’t just stay in their houses and do nothing.

There are some people who have to leave their homes to work. Not everyone gets sick pay even during this time of crisis, so if they have to choose between going out to do their job or getting unemployment benefits that might not even cover all of their expenses, most would choose the former. This is the case for my sister who lives in the United States.


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Well i am Freaking out bit about stuck in the house as i has been wanted to go the college or something like that as i was planning on get job and getting girlfriend now ? Nope
And i am so recovering from have a PareTyrold surgery to me .
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Both of my jobs (in grocery retail) are still open through the UK's lockdown, so I still have to go to work six (occasionally seven) days a week. My workload has doubled during all of this so I'm more stressed, but most of the things I usually do for stress relief and escapism are now either shut down or illegal, and all of my friendships outside of work are now entirely online so I'm not feeling as much of an emotional connection, therefore I feel pretty lonely. Neither me nor any of my family have caught the virus, or at least I don't think we have. My mother works in a hospital and the stores where I work have never been busier than they are right now, so we're both at constant risk of catching it.
I have a week off from both of my jobs booked for the 18th to the 24th May, five weeks from now, but there's absolutely no way the lockdown restrictions will have been loosened by then if current data is anything to go by, so I'll probably just cancel the days off and not request any more until there's light at the end of the tunnel, because I don't see much point in having time off work when you're not supposed to leave your house.
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Being stuck at home with nothing to do is getting old but I know that it's for my own good. I really just want to go visit my friends and maybe take a short vacation after this ordeal is finally over.

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My sanity is starting to wane while my physical health is doing alright. The problem that I've been noticing is that there simply aren't enough people being tested for the virus to help reduce the spread and "flatten the curve" since a vaccine is 18 months away from now. That means we have 18 months of social distancing / quarantine and the global economy can't survive that long even with short-term stimulus packages. Once we get out of this mess our lives are going to be completely changed forever.

You can try to support your local and small businesses through e-commerce for months but what good is that going to do If they can't even stay in business for 18 months while we continue to wait for a COVID-19 vaccine? Sure the bigger businesses will survive since they have more cash flow but for these smaller businesses that can't keep up due to small business loans and rent they have virtually no chance of surviving something of this scale. Any former social gaming hobbies you may have had before the COVID-19 outbreak you can kiss them goodbye.

It's looking as though I'll have to go back to my video gaming hobby before I got into Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games since I have no one to play with locally and I don't have a webcam to play online. So yeah this is going to be the new normal for the rest of our lives whether we like it or not. I was in my previous gaming hobby for 18 years so at least I was able to enjoy it while it lasted. I think it's sad that there's not enough people who enjoy the social aspect of being outside their homes doing the things they enjoy. Human beings weren't meant to be in isolation.