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How's your handwriting?

How's your handwriting?

  • Chickenscratch (aka really bad)

    Votes: 29 27.4%
  • Okay (pretty legible, like more than half the time)

    Votes: 41 38.7%
  • Pretty good (straight, neat, and easy to read)

    Votes: 27 25.5%
  • Poofy and swirly and calligraphy-ish

    Votes: 9 8.5%

  • Total voters


Anime high :D
It seems like an odd question, especially at like almost 10 PM PST. But, how is your handwriting? Mine used to be sorta messy, but I worked on it, and it's pretty good now. However, I have this male friend, who for the purpose of this will be called X, who has absolutely awful handwriting. Like, X is a good writer and in my English class X always scores very high (usually A or A+), but my teacher can't show the class because it's pretty illegible.

I know it's usually pretty biased (aka girls tend to have better handwriting than guys), but I do know quite a few exceptions to said rule. So, is it barely legible (like my brother's or X's), okay, good, or all swirly and poofy?

Well, that last one's more calligraphy. :D


My handwriting is readable, but that's about it. Luckily, in this day and age almost nobody actually has to read handwriting other than their own. Which is probably part of the reason it looks sloppy(yet legible) - there's no incentive to improve my handwriting when I'm the only one who reads it 99% of the time.


gone gently
Mine used to be extremely neat and clear. Last time I was randomly complimented on it was maybe two years ago, though, and that was by a woman likely twice my age. Anyway, I think it's gone downhill lately.


Still Dirrty
Chicken scratch, but it's okay, I'm a future doctor (hopefully).


*Gasp* He's back!
None, actually

When I feel like it: pretty good
When I'm annoyed: Just readable.
Mine is pretty clear and neat normally (I used to do calligraphy) people tell me how much they like it, even though I look at it somedays and go, wow thats horrible. My hand kinda has moods though, when im feeling bored or lazy my handwriting is atrocious.


Vintage much?
It is clear and easy to read but prone to laziness


Grand Arbiter II
My handwriting is legible and somewhat neat, but when I'm even mildly rushed, it gets uver messy very quickly. I have a bad habit of writing 'f','g' and 't' like 'l's


Shade of Blue
Chickenscratch, basically. I can barely read it myself.


Pokemon Breeder
Lets just say thank Christ theres a thing called typing for ceral my handwriting sucks major >.<


Back in the USSR
Mine used to be quite good, nice italicized calligraphy-ish stuff. Now I hardly use that anymore, but instead just a regular, straight and relatively neat form. (Though I pride myself on my varied handwriting range which I usually don't use :p)

Downhill as Profesco put it :/

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
Not quite chicken scratch, unless my hands feel really sluggish in the winter (if so, I'll also be prone to writing really slowly in case I write typos). As for normal conditions, it's either so good that it's illegible, or so illegible that it's really bad.
coming from a long line of doctors... mine is terrible

luckily nowadays everything is done on computers all i really need to write is my name :p

dark rift

Well-Known Member
I think it's readable... I do normal/roman letters but joined up. I don't have to write that much now days though, which is good.
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