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Humanoid Pikachu (AdvancedChuShipping, PG-13)


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Hey. This makes my third fic. This is more serious then my other fic, but still a few jokes. The PG-13 rating is because of a few jokes and the first chapter's kinda grotesque feel. By the way, AdvancedChuShipping=MayxPikachu.

This is in First-Person (aka Pikachu's p.o.v.).


I was a relatively normal Pikachu on the outside. I battled, ate Pokefood, and helped out my trainer Ash when in a sticky situation. There was something abnormal about me, however that made me different. When a girl named May joined the gang of Trainers I was in, I thought she was rather attractive. The sad thing is that even though Ash could easily swoop in and get her, he wasn’t, regardless of how many hints May threw him. I realized that if he can’t get her, why couldn’t I?

Of course, the answer was because I was a Pokemon. There was a simple barrier. Even that couldn’t stop me after a while. I started doing some insane things, such as getting hugged by May whenever I could, and once something very extreme. It happened one night at the Pokemon Center...

I couldn’t sleep, due to May. I went over to her bed and started poking her. Eventually she woke up and said, wearily, “Ugh, hi Pikachu. Why did you wake me up?” I motioned for a hug, and May smiled. “Sure, I’ll give you a hug.” She embraced me in a small snuggle. I took advantage of this, but she noticed. She said, “Pikachu, did you just unhook my bra?”

I never tried anything funny like that ever again. There was one problem though. I would never get to hold May the way she would ever want it. She would never offer a date with a Pokemon, or even go on one. All I could ever get would be a quick snuggle. There were only three choices. I could make her the only human on Earth, which was more than impossible. I could turn her into a Pokemon, but no technology has been made for that. The last possibility would be to turn human…

Chapter 1: Capture

Ash and company are eating near a riverbank, on a picnic table. All the other Pokemon are eating next to me, their little pebbles of food going away into their mouths. I am the only one not eating, just staring at May. Oh, how her hair flows in the wind. It is very beautiful, or would have been, if she wasn’t shoveling food down her mouth.

It is very peaceful, until Team Rocket show up. They say their dumb motto, and I don’t really care. Of course, I don’t care at the moment, until they grab me in a big rubber glove, for the umpteenth time. I still don’t care too much anyway. Until I hear from below, “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Dense Ash. Doesn’t know it’s rubber. Of course, I feel compelled to do it, and do, even though it doesn’t work.

I’m still not caring, since Ash or someone will get me down. I do get worried however, when I hear, “Oh no, we left all our Pokemon back at the center!” The center is about a 10 minute walk. I would be long gone. I drift away…

I go over mountains, grassy plains, lakes, and the sort. Amazingly, Team Rocket doesn’t stop. I fear I will never see May’s beautiful face ever again. Never mind the rest of them. Soon, we land in front of an area covered with forest. In front of me is a huge building with an “R” on the front in red.

“Time to go, Pikachu!” I hear Meowth’s voice, and he grabs me. The Rockets look triumphant, and they lead me into the building. It is very dark, and I am scared. In front of us is a person in a white lab coat. He says, “Ah, you’ve gotten the test subject. Took you long enough.”

“Hey, shut up!” James says. “We attacked when they were weakest, and we got Pikachu!” The scientist replies, “I’ll give you that. Giovanni wishes to see you. He has a little ‘present’ for you.” The Rockets looked gleeful, and run off towards a door on the side.

“Now then,” the scientist says, walking up to me. “We’ve finally got you. The idiots say you’ve got some untapped potential. Let’s test that.” The lights turn on, and I am shocked at what is around me.

It looks like some sort of sick testing facility. There are several machines of different sizes, shapes, and grotesque. Pokeballs are littered on the floor, looking empty, depleted, unloving. The scientist is standing in front of a huge machine, with, in the middle, a small metal circle with iron cuffs around the bottom and top. I hear from the other room 3 gunshots.

“Seen enough?” the scientist says. “All my work, Dr. Robert Lurkin! And,” he walks to me and picks me up, “you are my new test subject. So sit back, relax, and watch your death come as did the others.”

I am truly scared. I know there is nobody to save me, and there won’t be. Lurkin brings me to the machine he was standing in front of and puts me in the metal circle. The cuffs join together, and I am trapped. I attempt every single electric attack in my arsenal, but nothing works. Neither does any other attack.

“No escaping,” Lurkin says, and at that point he goes to a control panel and runs me through what is going to happen. “This is a very unique machine. It’s intended to join Pokemon and human together, so the human may control the Pokemon, with no guilt. Every attack is executed, and the Pokemon fights to the death.”

“I will program your mind to respond to a brain impulse in my mind, and you will become my new friend. That is, until you die.” He laughs sinisterly, and lowers a lever. Shock comes to my body, kinds I’ve never experienced. I feel the pain come to every nerve, every cell. For some reason, however, the pain started to move downward, towards the center of me. I felt no pain on the outside now, just inside.

“Something’s wrong,” says Lurkin. “The machine is pumping, but the insides of the machine are getting fried!” At this point, Lurkin grabs his head and howls in pain. Eventually, all pain in my body fades, and Lurkin continues to scream. The machine blows a fuse, and smoke billows out.

Lurkin howls one last scream, and his body goes limp. The pain comes back to me, fiercer than ever, and I pass out…the last thing I see are more fuses blowing out, Lurkin’s body on the floor, and my life flashing through my eyes…

I wake up. Half of the testing facility’s wall is gone, and no electricity is flowing anywhere. Lurkin’s body is still on the floor. I notice my cuffs are gone, and I jump down to the floor. I look at the walls, and see my reflection. I let a gasp of utter surprise.

I see a human child through my eyes. His platinium blond hair is slicked back, leaving a look of swiftness. His eyes are of a deep brown, with very hollowed cheeks and thin lips. His body frame is very slightly muscular, but thin. This body was build for speed, and looked like I would have liked my body. That’s when I realized something.

It was me I was looking at. That machine must have somehow made me a human. A pretty nice human, I thought. All proportions were fine, including one down south. I knew I had to get clothes, so I went over to Lurkin’s dead body and took all but his coat. This would have to do for now.

Then I realized what I would be able to do. I cheer, “I can finally get my chance with May!” That’s when I notice I can talk English. I speak out, “Thunder.” I get more excited, and try to come up with a plan. I sit down for several minutes, just thinking, then it comes to me.

I’ll get a Pokemon, and find them. Shouldn’t be too hard, they usually look for me. I’ll say I’m a trainer looking for company, and join the team. I’ll warm up to May, and eventually get her trust, and go out with her! Yes!

“Sweet!” I exclaim. “I’ll need a Pokemon first, though.” I search through the discarded Pokeballs, but most are empty. Only after searching what seems to be every Pokeball in the wreckage, I find a Pokeball that had been twisted a bit. I checked it and out came…a Minun. It had a few cuts, probably from the sick people working at this lab, or maybe from damage to the ball.

I bend over and said, “Hi.” The Minun looks shocked and just starts saying his name over and over. “Guess because I’m human I can’t understand them. Oh well,” I said, slightly disappointed. I go over and find some normal clothes on a rack. I put them on, surprisingly fitting my new human body perfectly. I ask the Minun to get on my shoulder, and we take off to find Ash, Brock, Max…and May especially.

I started this in January, but wanted to finish my other fic. Plus, this may not excite my old audience. I don't know. Keep your reviews...tasteful.


<--Kitty farts
nice fic...why does the part of pikachu becoming human remind me of the little mirmade though? *under the sea plays*
anyway...what made you give pikachu a minun?
did you just type any random pokemon?
I wounder what would happen if pikachu ever got turned back intgo a pokemon...a pokemon that owns a pokemon?....


Beans backing up...
nice fic...why does the part of pikachu becoming human remind me of the little mirmade though? *under the sea plays*
anyway...what made you give pikachu a minun?
did you just type any random pokemon?
I wounder what would happen if pikachu ever got turned back intgo a pokemon...a pokemon that owns a pokemon?....

Mermaid becoming human? o_o

I wanted to give it a Pikachu, but Minun is LIKE Pikachu, and I didn't want him to hog all the spotlight.

It's called "slavery!" Oh my God!


The Shadow Elite
This is quite interesting. I noticed where the joke came from, heh heh. I applaud you for writing a fic with one of the less-attempted shippings. Good job! :D

Mimori Kiryu

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Pretty good, I really like it. Pikachu sounds so adorable as a human. <3 Can't wait for the next chapter! ^_^


Beans backing up...
I apologize heartily guys. I got, out of nowhere, chicken pox and a fever leaving me too crippled to write. Expect the new chapter within 3 days, I still have a bit of the pox.


&lt;--Kitty farts
Yeah, Pikachu kinda blew it when he unhooker her bra (sneaky little rat! Keep it in your pants....er.....fur!) but hey, I bet we all made mistakes with our love life, thats usually what makes it so difficult...so maybe I should be saying "Good job pikachu, you made a very bold move, but maybe you went a little too bold..." *pikachu bites head*


Beans backing up...

Chapter 2: Rollcall

Believe it or not, I’m actually quite a genius. As I walked with my new Minun on my shoulders, I started to think where the others were. We were near a riverbank, that I remember, and we were in Saffron City the day before that. Considering eating, sleeping, and the fact that we bump into somebody new almost every day, I figure it’ll be about 5 days until May and everybody else will be in Lavender Town, the place Ash said he’d be next. We’ll usually spend about 5 days in a town, so I’ll have a chance to catch up to them.

Of course, considering I don’t know where I am, it doesn’t help much. I have only seen terrain and forests, no towns or even landmarks I remember from the first time I went through Kanto. My Minun and I have been finding berries and fruits to eat when we got hungry. While I am fine with the food we get, I would really like some ketchup to go with it. Ah, ketchup, how I miss you so.

We have traveled about 3 days, meaning I only have 7 days to catch up before I completely lose my friends. Minun starts sniffing the air, and I’m slightly wondering why. Then I catch the smell; sea water. I look ahead and see a pier with a huge luxury liner on it. “S.S. Amber” is spelt out in golden letters on the outside of the ship. I remember that there was a ship just like that many years ago, entitled S.S. Anne that sunk along with Ash, Misty, Brock, and me on it. We took off from Vermillion City, so I can only assume I’m there.

Apparently the Rockets didn’t take me too far. Probably somewhere between Vermillion and Fuchsia City. If I head upwards, I’d hit Saffron then going right I’d be in Lavender. The only thing is that I’d probably go at the same walking speed as everyone else, so I would require a ride in a car, helicopter, or something. My opportunity pops up when I see an old man and a Machop packing tools into the back of a pick-up truck.

“Damn project!” he growls, “I spent 5 years and most of my money on this building and then the land gets seized for more houses.” His Machop looks saddened, probably because he helped the man, but it was all for naught. I went over and asked the man, “Hello.” He just looks at me with a hard stare. I clear my throat and keep talking.

“You see,” I say nervously, “my friends are going to Lavender Town, and I want to surprise them. I figure if I walk, they will leave before I get there. I wanted to ask if you would take my Minun and I over there.” He keeps staring at me and lets out a roar of laughter. “Sure, sonny!” he chuckles. “One catch though. Beat my Machop in a battle, and you can come.”

Minun quickly runs behind me and shivers a bit. Apparently he has not battled much. I kneel beside him and say, “Listen Minun, just do whatever I say in battle, okay?” He nods slowly and walks out to face the Machop confidently.

The old man yells out, “Machop, Karate Chop!” Machop runs at full speed towards Minun, and I am trying to remember the moves Minun should have. I remember Quick Attack, so I yell out, “Minun, Quick Attack!” Minun shakes off a bit of nervousness and starts running at the Machop’s stomach, while Machop lowers his hand to strike Minun.

Minun strikes Machop first, hitting him pretty hard. However, Machop was able to lower his arm enough to hit Minun with a slightly less powerful chop. Minun strikes the ground hard, and the Machop skids on the ground. Both are a bit weakened, but can still fight. Without a hitch, I shout, “Minun, um, Spark!” Minun has electrical current running through his body and charges towards Machop again. I think, “This will be it. No way he can survive this.” That is when my genius is replaced by overconfidence.

Machop jumps right over Minun and does a Mud Slap that hits him. Minun’s electrical charge fades away and he attempts to wipe away the mud. Machop comes right up to him and picks up Minun. I could not believe it! This old man seems to have his Machop trained to do certain move at certain times! After picking up Minun the old man yells, “Seismic Toss!” Machop jumps in the air with Minun in tow.

Machop reaches the highest point it can reach and looks like it will slam Minun into the ground. That is when my genius steps in again. “Minun, Charge!” I scream. Minun charges his entire body with sparks and shocks himself out of Machop’s hand. Machop, taken by surprise, just falls along with Minun. I scream, sure of myself this time, “Thunderbolt!” Minun then sends a huge bolt of electricity through the air and it hits Machop square in the chest. Both land, Machop passed out and Minun panting but standing.

The man just looks between me and his defeated Machop in disbelief. He then relaxes, tilts his head back, and laughs. “Hohoho, you’re quite good!” he chuckles. “Alright, like I promised, you can come on my truck.” He gives me a shifty look and adds, “I would have brought you anyway, youngster, if you gave me a good battle.” He laughs some more and gets into his truck. I smile and hop in the back with Minun and the man’s Machop, both resting.

We ride through the hillsides, along rivers, through towns. Only Pokemon can appreciate subtle beauty of nature and a small village, undisturbed from the hustle and bustle the majority of humans feel they need to accomplish. Minun looked out the side of the truck with me, jumping around. I have to rescue him from falling off the side every few minutes, but I find it cute. The old man just keeps driving and driving, watching us with a smile, enjoying our company.

The ride went well into the night. I look at stars and think about what to say when I meet May. I determine that I have to gain their friendship first, since they do not know me as Ash’s Pikachu. Afterwards I will lean towards May more, and eventually get to ask her out. However, that will have to wait. The man calls to me, “Ready to go there, Junior?” He revs up and we continue our journey to Lavender Town.


Seijiro Mafuné

Wow, interesting, really. I wonder what'll happen next... and hoping May will not get too distressed with Pikachu being a human!


~Mime Jr. is <3
Woah, I love this. The plot is fantastic! =D
And Pikachu and his ketchup. XDD

Can't wait fot the next chapter<3
Oh, and can you put me on the PM List, if you have one?


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Great fic so far!
You've put a nice lot of detail into the descriptions!

Ah, ketchup, how I miss you so.
LOL! Pikachu never gets tired of his good ole friend, Ketchup. :p

His minun seems to be very trusting of him very quickly... unless their's something that I've missed, (which is quite possible x_x) shouldn't the minun be wary, or something, after being treated badly? Unless he wasn't treated that badly, and I missed that fact as well XD

If you have a pm list, could I be on it, please? I'm really liking the story so far!! You've done a great job on a not-so-common shipping!
Such a good plot too!!
*Squealy* YAY PIKACHU!!! *ahem* ...
Keep writing and update soon!


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Dude I think this ship is great! I hope you gte more hcapters up soon. the Pikachu with May at night and unsnapping was very funny! Pikachus lost his old friend ketchup long ago but it stopped him from being hurt.


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Sorry guys, I got swamped with 4 school projects, so I haven't had much time. I swear there'll be one before Thanksgiving. I can barely go on SPPF anymore either.

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I enjoyed reading this I hope you continue ;025;


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I probably will continue, and hopefully finish by summer. I'll see what I can do folks. I stopped because of school issues and other things, so I'll get my train of thought again and start it up.