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Hungry For The Good Life! (552)


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This episode was ok but nothing too special.

Swinub literally becomes dead weight for the next 20 eps until it evolves anyway.
So, it gets a decent episode, and is forgotten after that. How nice... oh well, at least we have it's movie "cameo" to look forward to.

I found it funny that when all the Pokemon were captured by TR, Dawn looks at the apple and she only thinks of Piplup. LOL, she needs to stop favoring the penguin over all her other pokes.
Piplup's face is the only one that's round. Maybe Pachirisu's but I think it was the shape the animators were after. Piplup just happened to fit. Ironic, yes.



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Okay, however I wasn't watching the Raw eps containing ol' glutton, so this marks the first time I've actually seen him use that attack.

I actually didn't realize what Swinub was using until after Dawn said what it was using. Oy, recognition ain't strong with me these days...

Well Leona's Swinub also used ice shard in the same exact manner. Which is to say Swinub's ice shard debuted before Glaceon's Ice Shard.


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Swinub is so adorable! I love the gluttony, doesn't seem typical of a Swinub!


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Swinub may be a fast eater, but I still think May's Munchlax eats faster. If I'm wrong, I'd say maybe a tie in between. But Swinub ate that food like it was nothing.


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Tonight's episode: NO SOUP ON BUFFET

Looks like this part of Sinnoh is free of lack-of-mansions as well. My job is done.

Young maid with pop star hair. Wealthy elderly gentlemen who seems to live by himself. Oh yes, I see what's going on here.

Best thing about a Swinub? Those delicious giblets. They fetch a hefty penny too.

An elevator ride from Purgatory? Well...was the music good?

Youch! Nature on my derriere hurts!

Worst force field ever!

No one's following Dawn and Swinub? Really? "Stay or I'll let the Swinub play with you!"

Yeah, blast yourselves off this time Rockets. I gotta see some swine 'bout some sausage farm.

5/10 Woo, Mission Impossible Dawn was good, not much else.
So this time Swinub is the pig (last time: May). Too bad this pig can't tour Sinnoh's food joints.


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Swinub may be a fast eater, but I still think May's Munchlax eats faster. If I'm wrong, I'd say maybe a tie in between. But Swinub ate that food like it was nothing.

I just watched the episode on Jetix and wow can Swinub can chow down. I think it ate almost as much as May's Munchlax if not more. But i think they gave Dawn a Swinub to match Munchlax that May has. But it was a very good episode.

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Yep this is the episode Dawn captures a swinub. Sadly I will don't think swinub is a good match for Dawn. Does anyone agree or diagree with me?

I agree with you, giving Swinub to Dawn was a mistake.

At least if it had gone to Brock, he'd know how to battle with it properly.

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Anything can be appealing in a contest. That's why we see stuff like Dusclops, Venusaur and Slowbro in the final rounds.


Swinub was very naughty. and hungry...

i loved to see Dawn capture it.

And i loved to see Yanmega fights vs Ash and co.



Interesting to see the writers remember the Trophy Garden. I thought they might skip it.

Swinub was a great Pokemon for Dawn to capture. It has pretty moves so it would have done well in contests. Problem is Swinub never did contests until it evolved and it did horribly.

A good episode to showcase a cute Pokemon. 6/10


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It's interesting reviewing this episode so long after it first aired here in the U.S. Who would have thought a year or so ago that the cute little Swinub introduced here in this episode would become a modern-day Charizard, evolving too fast for the trainer to handle and causing havoc when he's out of his pokeball? Too bad that unlike Charmander, we barely got to see Swinub before it started evolving and causing so many problems. I did like how ticked off the pokemon got as Swinub kept eating the poffins, though, LOL.


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I was shocked about Mr.Backlot appearence in this episode.Swinube reminds me alot like May`s Munchlax.It was nice to see Swinub in this episode.



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Haha! I loved the little hungry Swinub in this episode, I'm glad Dawn caught it. For some reason I thought Mr. Backlot would be a little more eccentric than he was. Nice episode.

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Swinub was really hungry but still it can't match Snorlax when it comes to appetite


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see Dawn get a Swinub. Wow, her Swinub definitely fit it's "Swine" description, it just loves to eat, especially Dawn's poffins. It was cool to see Igglybuff, Pichu, Cleffa, and Azurill. They are all so cute! It was cool to see Dawn battle with Swinub to defeat TR, they really work well together and were made for each other. It's great to know that Swinub knows both Ice Shard and Take Down.



I got Johto filler flashbacks when I saw all those cutesy Johto Pokemon here. Anyway, I screamed when Swinub ate all those Poffins and I cackled at how Pichu and the others were all wary of Brock's Croagunk. I giggled at Ash's burned Poffins during the cooking scenes, and I laughed at how Swinub ran towards Team Rocket's food supply.