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Hungry For The Good Life! (552)

I know that the anime and the games are in no way equal, but I can't help but think where they would be in the Sinnoh region if they were going by how the town amp is arranged in the games.

If your wondering what this has to do with the episode, I mean when Brock said that Celestic Town is a little past Hearthome city, even though it's technically more than that.


Swinub acted too gluttonous like May's Munchlax but it was a good choice for Dawn's team and I liked seeing Mr Backlot's mansion. 7/10

Mrs. Oreo

Hee hee, the Swinub here constantly heading toward food was a cute gag and I liked seeing Ash's group make Poffins again even tho Ash burned his. I'm glad that Dawn caught the Swinub as well.

Mrs. Oreo

So Dawn got Swinub as her new Pokemon and he was basically like May's Munchlax, which I liked.

While Swinub was similar to Munchlax, I liked Swinub more here cuz despite his gluttonous tendencies he was also kind of cute and cuddly. Munchlax wasn't quite like that from my perspective, so Swinub wins ha ha.
The only thing that bugged me here was how Swinub seemed to bond with Dawn just because it liked her Poffins. Like, Dawn didn't really befriend it because she was so worried about getting Piplup back.


Swinub's adorable and the twerps' Pokemon have really grown in size and in quantity. I liked the part when Swinub upsets all the Pokemon, and then refused to eat Ash's Poffins, which soon Ash fell in the ground. I didn't get at all Piplup and the apple. It didn't make sense to me how an apple reminded Piplup, I don't think Piplup ate many apples before. If it was a Poffin or something then it would made more sense.


So we saw Mr. Urayama's mansion, and we were introduced to Hikari's Urimoo as well. Urimoo's appetite for Poffins was humorous, as was seeing how the mansion's Baby Pokemon were apprehensive around Gureggru. The Poffin cooking session was amusing since Satoshi burned his batch, and I was awestruck when Urimoo broke through that solid wall.


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So Dawn gets some Pokemon-saving spotlight instead of Ash. Dawn let Swinub have the plate of Poffin she made for Piplup? That seemed cruel. Piplup sure didn't like it.


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This episode feels more empty now when you realize that Dawn only got Swinub in this episode because of Platinum fever that was happening at the time. If it wasn't for that game I bet Dawn wouldn't have gotten a Swinub.


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It was nice to see Dawn getting a new Pokemon, Swinub was cute, although I feel like he is going to cause the gang some trouble with his huge appetite.