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.:|[-Hydraulic's-] .:|Frozen Solid|:. [-Banner Shop-]|:.

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Hydraulic, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Hydraulic

    Hydraulic <-Thanks to this man

    ':|Banner Shop|:'​

    Welcome to my first ever banner shop. [ More to be added later ]

    -All standard rules apply
    -No Spam-ing
    -Wait at least one week before complaining that you didn't get it
    -Be sure to Credit me or whoever made your banner
    -Only accepting 3 request at a time
    -Do not request when full
    -No complaining or whining about the art, you get what you get. And at least it was free.
    -If you want me to edit something, that's a different story. I will do that.
    -I do animated banners, but that will take me 2 weeks. If I can't do it, i'll tell you.
    -Check "Finished" to see if your banner is complete
    -Type "A heart as cold as ice" in royal blue color if you read the rules

    Notifier - charlotte881

    Another one to see rule breakers
    Anyone else with art making skills Ex: Avatar, Sprite, etc. Maker that want to donate their skills to the thread.







    1. HommeDor [x]
    2. Negative [url"http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/4693/79232345xl3.gif"][x][/url]

    [:-Specifics|| (Please specify what you want your banner to look like)
    [:-Image/s|| (A given image would be nice)
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2007
  2. Hydraulic

    Hydraulic <-Thanks to this man

    Hmmm no one wants?
  3. HommeDor

    HommeDor L'Hiver Est Arrivé

    A heart as cold as ice

    [:-Specifics|| (Please specify what you want your banner to look like)
    [:-Image/s|| lileep
    [:-Colors|| red and white
    [:-Text|| The Ancient One
    [:-Size|| any
  4. Hydraulic

    Hydraulic <-Thanks to this man

    Do you have an image i could use....?
    ( Maybe I should specify that... lol )
  5. HommeDor

    HommeDor L'Hiver Est Arrivé

    all lileep images are the same :( so s'cool whichever one you wanna use :D
  6. Hydraulic

    Hydraulic <-Thanks to this man

    Okay then. Sorry about the lileep stuff being the same.
  7. HommeDor

    HommeDor L'Hiver Est Arrivé

    :D s'cool. i like the rose banner o_O
    i have got to getyou to make a roselia banner for me sometime (lemme make a story about a roselia!!!!)
  8. Hydraulic

    Hydraulic <-Thanks to this man

    Finish ^^ (Lileep images are harder to find that i thought....)
    Check the "Finished" section

    Oooh roselia, I can make that too.
    Just tell me how you want it, and I can make it..
    At least Roselia has diff images...
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2007
  9. Ikito

    Ikito Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Nov 12, 2007
  10. a heart as cold as ice

    [:-Specifics|| none, really. I don't really mind other than that I want the images in the order that I post them
    [:-Image/s|| http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ru/9/92/Itachi_uchiha.jpg , http://mascot.crystalxp.net/png/flashouille-itachi-2724.png and http://www.narutouchiha.com/contenido/ClanUchiha/ItachiSharingan.jpg
    [:-Colors|| Black, deep scarlet
    [:-Text|| Itachi, The Silent Killer...
    [:-Size|| 350 by 300 (if it's too big, just do it the size of your sample banners)
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2007
  11. HommeDor

    HommeDor L'Hiver Est Arrivé

    omg, its hot man! merci beaucoup!
    its going in the sig right now :D
  12. charlotte881

    charlotte881 *Squeals*

    a heart as cold as ice

    [:-Specifics|| make it look a little translucent
    [:-Image/s|| any pic of glaceon
    [:-Colors|| diffrent shades of blue, white
    [:-Text|| Fancy kind of cursive,write: Cold yet beautiful
    [:-Size|| sample size
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2007
  13. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    A heart as cold as ice

    [:-Specifics|| Whatever you think will look best is ok with me.
    [:-Image/s|| Clicky
    [:-Colors|| Background: Black, Text: White
    [:-Text|| " Death Labeled " in the bottom-right-hand corner, and in the "Times New Roman" font, if that's ok.
    [:-Size|| 315x115
  14. Hydraulic

    Hydraulic <-Thanks to this man

    Ok.. I'll do all four.. since i'm behind and stuff..
    Busy week, so sorry for a late response
  15. Ikito

    Ikito Well-Known Member



  16. Crasher

    Crasher Well-Known Member

    A heart as cold as ice

    [:-Specifics|| Try and keep the background theme the same, the galaxy type thing.
    [:-Image/s|| The one from this TCG card please.
    [:-Colors|| Text in Royal blue.
    [:-Text|| A legendary like no other.
    [:-Size|| 300x153
  17. charlotte881

    charlotte881 *Squeals*

    Read the rules. The banner request list is full so don't post requests!
  18. nubinator

    nubinator Banned

    Last edited: Nov 19, 2007
  19. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    A heart as cold as ice

    [:-Specifics|| I want it to be a space theme, with a space background, i want there to be things like nebula and planets in the background
    [:-Image/s|| http://www.arkeis.com/images/pokemonfactory/palkia.png (I want this one as the main image) http://www.pokemondiamondpearl.info/dp/pbr/palkia_small.jpg (and this one blended into the background)
    [:-Colors|| I want the font in a sort of blue colour
    [:-Text|| "Palkia" and then as subtext "The ruler of space"
    [:-Size|| The max of serebii banners

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