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Hyper Offecse part 2

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by nkg2k10, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. nkg2k10

    nkg2k10 the fossil wreaker

    Please rate my team

    ;142; Aerodactyl @Life Orb
    Naive Pressure
    EVs 4hp/252spatk/252spd
    Dragon Pulse

    Ok its aero its fast its good but not usuall moveset its basically a a poke to kill any SR Dragon type or Ferrothorn. I give it EVs in special attack so it has the attack in special cos of Flamethrower and Dragon Pulse. Roost is for healing when i have its health low. With the EVs in spd makes it faster than ever so it outspeeds most poke and with Speed Boost Blaziken being Uber i dont have to worry about that.

    ;640; Virizion @Leftovers
    Jolly Justified
    EVs 4hp/252spatk/252spd
    Calm Mind
    Focus Blast
    Giga Drain
    Hidden Power(Ice)

    Virizion the Grass and Fighting type so it has the Ultra-Effective Weakness agaisnt flying types so it has Hidden Power(Ice) to counter that weakness. It has Giga Drain to heal its hp when it gets low while still doing damage to my foe and it has STAB aswell as Focus Blast. Calm Mind is for what I said in the title its a hyper offence team so it needs a stat boosting attack.

    381; Latios @Life Orb
    Adamant Levitate
    EVs 52hp/204atk/252spd
    Dragon Dance

    Latios is back and ready to attack and rip though most teams without breaking a "sweat". Psychic is for when im up agaisnt a fighting type and have only this poke to take down that poke. Earthquake is for when i have any ground or a Nape it can easily take it down. Dragon Dance is to up its speed and attack which can basically make it unstoppable after a few and is looked onto outrage.

    ;555; Darmanitan @Leftovers
    Adamant Sheer Force
    EVs 252atk/52def/204spd
    Bulk Up
    Flare Blitz

    Darmanitan is a great physical attacker with the 252 EVs. Superpower is a great physical attack and can OHKO a ttar with its attack stat and will counter to exca which cos of its ability Sand Rush is a great sweeper in a sandstorm. So with Bulk Up uping the Attack and Defense of Darmanitan it can survive an EQ after a few Bulk Ups and if my opponent use Swords Dance on Exca it OHKOs with Flare Blitz.

    ;642;Thundurus @Expert Belt
    Hasty Prankster
    EVs 32hp/224spatk/252spd
    Hidden Power(Ice)
    Hammer Arm

    Thundurus the great Electric and Flying type is ready to attack at all costs and face its great opponents. With STAB Thunderbolt making it worse than a usual Thunderbolt making it fierce. Hidden Power(Ice) covering a Dragon/Flying type taking it down is a great help. U-Turn for the Pyschic and Dark type swtch outs giving the Super-Effective attack and Switch out with damage Hammer Arm also helps with the dark type pokes. Expert Belt raising the dammage of Super-Effective moves helping me to take down the poke weak to its attacks.

    ;604; Eelektross @Leftovers
    Jolly Levitate
    EVs 4hp/252atk/252spd
    Wild Charge
    Brick Break

    Well its an Electric type poke with Levitate so it has no Super-Effective weakness against Ground type moves and on about ground type poke it has Brick Break to take the Ground type out easly. Subtitute is for to take hits can have Wild Charge to attack. Crunch is for if a Psychic type gets swiched in i can have the Super-Effective type match up agaist them. I give it all Physical attacks cos it has a high Physical stat than Special.

    Please tell me if i have a weakness in there and tell me about the movesets for them
  2. artbomber_97

    artbomber_97 Ultimate Aritist

    Changes in bold

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