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Hypno's Naptime (027)


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
Staff member
Hypno's Naptime!

When a wave of "comas" occur in a town with Pokémon and people, Ash & co. decide to go and find out whats wrong. When they find out its a Drowzee and Hypno doing it, they must stop them. Can they do that?

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I thought this was a funny episode. Misty gets hynoptized and thought she was a Seel XD She also catches Psyduck, well, accidently. Let's all laugh at the duck. XD I give it a 9.5/10

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
Yes! I absolutely love Psyduck! He's the highlight of this episode to me.

I like it whenever characters make comments that show that they acknowledge the fact that their on TV, like what Meowth said.

All the kids in the park were funny.

Am I the only person who thinks it's weird that a mansion is on top of a skyscraper? Especially one filled with insomniacs?

Another mother who thinks Ash is her son.

10/10 (purely because of Psyduck's premiere)
A better way to catch Psyduck wouldn't come unwelcome. I not saing I didn't like it, but it was quite inconspicuous(sp?). You could watch the whole episode until the last minute, and not even know Misty caught a Psyduck.
The insomniac aspect was a good idea. And for once, TR's plan was good. Plus, the little acknowledgement was great. "Why didn't we do this in the first place?" "We have to fill up a half hour!" LOL! Misty's Seel act was funny. The Magikarp kids were hilarious too.
I'm kinda shocked at how those mothers can't tell the difference between a stranger and their son. I mean, that one Double-Battling Gym Leader in the Orange Islands had some sort of parallel of Ash, but the rest don't even look like him! Kinda sad how that happens. I expect the kids would be ashamed to have a mother who thinks some random kid is her son.

Overall rating:
8.3 out of 10!!!
Not a bad filler. A nice showcase for the Drowzee line, too.

SC~ out


this episode is one of my all time favorites cause first of all Misty gets hypnitized and thinks she's a seal.and second Misty "accidently" caught her Psyduck.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
THis was a good episode - except, what was the deal with all the shaky camerawork? Over half the episode looks like it was photographed on a handheld camcorder. And I think they could have done a better job of slowing down Drowzee and Hypno's attacks after the seizure ordeal - the way it's done looks noticeably choppy and unprofessional.


The Amazing
Did anyone else notice that there's a part where Ash's Lips move and nothing comes out?


Team Awesome
:( :( :( All I could think about when I watched this episode Saturday was how badly I miss Psyduck. *sniff* I love Wobbie, but I really miss the original King of Popouts. This makes me pine all the more for Pokemon Chronicles to start so we can see him again. It would have been better if he'd appeared in the Togepi two-parter, then I wouldn't miss him as much. I miss him a lot more than I miss Misty. At least seeing the new episode pictures on Friday will tide me over for a few weeks.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Did anyone else realize that except for Arnold and Misty, all the kids hypnotized had brown hair?

Yes Psyduck is a hoot. From the way he captured himself to his constantly appearing when he's not needed.


Cascade Trainer
This was the first episode of the show I saw, though I caught it midway. I wasn't even sure until then that there was a station carrying the show in my area, despite seeing a station with it a county away. I was glad that it was under my nose the whole time, as I actually got that station. But nonetheless, this is a classic episode with Misty being hypnotized and Team Rocket's attempts at using mirrors to catch Hypno(which was the part that it was at when I caught the episode)

pik achoo

I thought it was hillarious because he was hytpnotizing kidz wid bright lights, sound anything like porygon electric soldier?

Mini Apocalypse

Soul Trainer
i dont see why misty has to be so horrable with pokemon she has just met! i realy like psyduck i think he's funny. i'd have him just because he makes me laugh.


Well-Known Member
A pretty funny epi. Psyduck was funny when it captured itself and i miss Psyduck now a days. Ahh such a good epi. 8/10


little punks!
Psyduck was so funny back then, even funnier then Wobbufet in its prime. Anyway, there was an interesting concept in this episode. Hypno's psychic waves dazing all the children and small pokemon in the town. It was pretty funny when they all imitated pokemon, especially Misty. I also liked the mansion on top of the skyscraper, very unexpected.


Best Psychic Type.
I liked the Misty Seel scene as well. I still don't get the HopHopHop gag....