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Hypno's Naptime (027)


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A good episode coming of Ashes 5th gym battle, the whole Hypno sleep waves side affect was very interesting. That hopping part they did at the beginning of the episode was obviously lost in translation when 4kids was dubbing it, it would be interesting to know what the joke was in the original Japanese version. I liked that the Pokemon club using Hypno had side affects of making kids think they were Pokemon and making Pokemon drained of energy, I think misty did a very nice Seel impression. I laughed when Misty reacted to the Dex entry for Psyduck constantly having a headache, then her tripping and Psyduck entering her Pokeball, it's the beginning of a very interesting relationship.


hmm yeah i liked this episode, once i had the "Pokemon Fashion Victims" DVD, and i can remember that i would always watch this episode :p


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I liked this episode. I thought that it was a good idea for an episode.


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The episode was funny and had great moments. I always wondered what would have happened if Misty had thought that she was some kind of bird pokemon and jumped off the roof. While Psyduck is funny and all that, I say that in the future, he takes her out of what could be some cool battles.


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Misty acting like a Seel! Oh man, I loved that.

I was a bit surprised at the police force in this episode... it was, literally, a park full of 'missing' children. A park. That's the first place that you should look for your kid! :O

Psyduck was also hilarious... the way it was 'caught', what a classic! I love Psyduck, though ^^

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Ah a favourite of mine!

It was a good showcase for Drowzee and Hypno and has a good old fashioned hidden republican fundraiser in it as well. Good times!


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Ugh silly Hypno. My claim ^_^ I like this episode. Hynotized children make Hypno seem like a pedobear. And Misty acing like a Seel was cute.
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heh, psdyduck was very funny in this episode, the makers of this show sure knows howto make things fun again and again.

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I thought Misty acting like a Seel was hilarious.

And how is it that no-one managed to find the kids, when they were right out in the open?


This episode wasn't that bad as two Pokemon, Drowzee and Hypno's hypnotic waves caused strange human and Pokemon behavior. This episode focuses on that said problem. Misty (unfortunately) is one of the affected one, along with other kids in some HopHop Town. It was funny to see Misty act like a Seel, especially since she's fond of the water types. Too bad there wasn't one here for her to capture, lol. As for the other kids imitating random Pokemon during their hypnosis time, I thought it was totally random.


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When that mother mistook Ash for her son Arnold and later we get a brief glimpse of Arnold, they don't look that much alike so she should have been able to tell those two apart.

What are the insomniacs going to do now that they can't do what they were doing before?

Misty did get her Psyduck so she technically captured a water pokemon.

Also, I don't understand if that Psyduck was always like this or just turned like this after Hypno's affect. When they were using Drowzee to reenergize all the pokemon at the pokemon center, you couldn't see Psyduck, so maybe it wasn't properly cured.


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I like the old episodes like this! When it was time for Hoenn they messed up big time~~the new ones are too heroic and serious while the old ones were funny and enjoyable!

This episode made me go out and buy hypno and drowzee figures :p It was great~


Misty: "Seel! Seel! Seel!"
Lol...I wonder what goes on in her head :p

I think this was a pretty good episode. I laughed at Psyduck's apparent permanent brain damage. Haha. It was pretty funny watching Misty accidentally catching it. I also thought it was a nice way of introducing Drowzee & Hypno since they are sleep inducing Pokemon. I was a little confused why no parents pressed charges or anything :p lol.

I give this episode:


It was a funny episode, because the children act like pokemon...
And i loved Psyduck's headache, it was very funny too.


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Very odd story in this episode, but in a good way. Two new Pokemon in this episode as well, Drowzee and Hypno; looks like we got double the debuts! It was interesting to see the members of the fan club using Drowzee and Hypno to put themselves to sleep. I think my favorite parts of the episode were Team Rocket breaking the 4th Wall in the dub and Misty's Seel impression. Psyduck's addition to Misty's team at the end was surprising. 6/10.
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