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Hypothetical Eeveelution Names


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As of Gen 8, there are currently eight Eeveelutions (not counting Eevee itself):

  • Vaporeon (Water)
  • Jolteon (Electric)
  • Flareon (Fire)
  • Espeon (Psychic)
  • Umbreon (Dark)
  • Leafeon (Grass)
  • Glaceon (Ice)
  • Sylveon (Fairy)
But there are 18 types in all, so not all of the types have been represented by an Eeveelution yet. I've been thinking up some fan names for some hypothetical Eeveelutions of the remaining 10 types:

  • Draceon (Dragon)
  • Spectreon (Ghost)
  • Stoneon (Rock)
  • Eartheon (Ground)
  • Insecteon (Bug)
  • Plaineon (Normal)
  • Metaleon (Steel)
  • Toxeon (Poison)
  • Aereon (Flying)
  • Meleeon (Fighting)
I was personally disappointed that Gen 8 didn't introduce any new Eeveelutions, but maybe they'll start again in a future generation?

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Acideon (poison)
Longeon (dragon). (the name is a pun.) It's long and long is chinese for dragon.)'
Brawleon, Puncheon or Kickeon (fightning)
Eoneon (Normal)
Wispeon (Ghost)
Sandeon, or Mudeon (Ground)
Skieon (Flying)
Steeleon or Alumineon (Steel)
Beeon (Bug)
Graniteon (Rock)


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Ferreon for a Steel eevelution. From ferro aka iron


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Zephyreon (Flying) After the Greek god of the Westwind, Zephyr
Rebeleon (Fighting) Styled after an underground fighter. Rebel+plus with the eon suffix it sounds like Rebellion.
Veneon (Poison) sounds like Venom
Dusteon (Ground)
Bouldeon (Stone) from Boulder and sounds like "bold" or Jeweleon if its patterned after gemstones

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I highly doubt Normal will get an Eeveelution. The whole point of them is to abandon the Normal type for a completely different one.


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I think they're done with Eeveelutions. They've got all the previously Special types covered now, and I think there's something about 8 paths in Buddhism if I'm thinking correctly.

Bug: Wormeon
Dragon: Wyrmeon
Fighting: Brawleon
Flying: Tornadeon
Ghost: Geisteon
Ground: Terreon
Normal: Commoneon
Poison: Noxeon
Rock: Crageon
Steel: Adamanteon

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Bug: Insecteon
Dragon: Drakeon
Fighting: Fighteon
Flying: Birdeon
Ghost: Ectoeon
Ground: Quakeon
Normal: Eeveeon (Eevee is already the Normal Eeveelution. Just make it bigger. :p)
Poison: Toxeon
Rock: Stoneon
Steel: Metaleon

I may have said ones others have already said. I didn't read this whole thread. :p
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