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Hypothetical XY Third Version/Sequel Team

Discussion in 'In-Game RMT' started by Torpoleon, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Pokémon XY Third Version/Sequel Team
    Makes sense to assume that there will be a sequel or third version to XY, so here is a team I could potentially use. Obviously it doesn't take into account a potential move tutor moves or new megas that could be introduced in the new game, but it's something. I wont use egg moves or hidden abilities, unfortunately.

    Gamakichi/Greninja @ Wise Glasses
    Dark Pulse
    Ice Beam

    Pretty self-explanatory. Unfortunately since I wont use hidden abilities, I can't take advantage of Protean.

    Capt. Falcon/Talonflame @ Flying Gem
    Flare Blitz
    Steel Wing

    I figured that Acrobatics is almost as powerful as Brave Bird with no items, so that might be a better option than Brave Bird, since it also suffers from no recoil. Steel Wing is filler (I wish it had 100% accuracy though) and Roost can help recover HP lost from Flare Blitz.

    Mucha Lucha/Hawlucha @ Muscle Band
    Brick Break
    Rock Slide
    Thunder Punch

    Unless Game Freak brings back Soaring in the Sky with another Pokémon, I have to stick with Fly, unfortunately. Tried to give it as much type coverage as possible. Of course this moveset could be different if mine has Unburden.

    Beerus/Lucario (Mega) @ Lucarionite
    Close Combat
    Ice Punch
    Aura Sphere
    Flash Cannon

    Close Combat & Flash Cannon get STAB (and Adaptability), while Ice Punch has great type coverage. Aura Sphere is a secondary fighting type move due to Close Combat's limited PP.

    Katsuyu/Goodra @ Assault Vest
    Dragon Pulse
    Sludge Wave

    I heard that the Assault Vest is a good item for Goodra, so I'll go with it. Going with the likes of Dragon Pulse & Flamethrower over Draco Meteor & Fire Blast because of stat loss and accuracy respectively.

    Navi/Klefki @ Light Clay
    Dazzling Gleam
    Light Screen

    Light Clay increases the length of turns for Reflect & Light Screen. Spikes can help cripple the other team. Dazzling Gleam so it has some kind of attack.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2015
  2. Kansas_Rocks!

    Kansas_Rocks! Awesomeness Trainer

    Right now it seems as if you are wasting Mega Lucario's Adaptability. Although you are using Close Combat, which is obscenely powerful after the boost, you aren't taking advantage of Lucario's other type: Steel. Although it has, in the past, not been a good attacking type, with the advent of the Fairy type, it becomes an almost too good asset to have. Fairy types run rampant in Kalos, and seeing that you only have one move on the team that is supereffective against them, and that move is on one of your Pokémon that is weak to it, I believe that Lucario should run Flash Cannon. It has a net base damage of 160 with flawless accuracy and no drawback. It completely wrecks the ingame fairies. It could easily replace Psychic or even Earthquake, as Ground and Fighting type moves have redundant coverage when used together.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2015
  3. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you're right. I didn't notice that I had very few options against Fairy types. Definitely going to go with Flash Cannon over Psychic (losing Psychic means I lose a super effective move against Fighting types, but at least Lucario's other moves should do decent damage against them).
  4. Kansas_Rocks!

    Kansas_Rocks! Awesomeness Trainer

    You could keep Psychic. Earthquake adds fire, electric, and poison coverage. Fire and electric types both take more damage from Close Combat, and poison types can't do anything to Lucario anyway. Earthquake just really isn't needed. However, I would replace it with another fighting move. It alleviates a problem that may occur with Close Combat's low PP, because in certain stretches you might just run out, sine it has a maximum of 8. I feel that Aura Sphere would actually be a good choice. Plus, Fighting-Steel-Ice coverage is resisted by a very small number of Pokémon.
  5. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    That sounds pretty good. Thanks!

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