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I am looking for Arceus's Plates


I am looking for:
Splash Plate
Toxic Plate
Stone Plate
Spooky Plate
Draco Plate
Iron Plate

I have alot of items including:
2 dusk stones
2 adament orbs
1 power belt
1 lucky eggs
1 razor fang
1 helix fossil
2 skull fossils
3 thunder stones
3 sun stones
And some pokemon just offer
please email if serebii is slow
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Dragon Trainer EX
I will give you a spooky plate for a magmarizer.

Kuro Kaoru

Fun Festival
I'd like a lucky egg and magmarizer... I'll give you 4 of the plates for the 2...
Not sure which ones I have tho...
PM me if you accept, thanks! ^_^
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venomous wisdom.
Draco, Dread, Flame, Splash, Spooky, Icicle?

Pick any of those for Magmarizer?

EDIT: or Toxic


I just updated list and I am sorry for not responding serebii crashed on my computer for several hours directly after I made the thread, I can really only get to the people who pm and email, so please email or pm