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I Can See Past Your Terrible Acting May [Contestshipping]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Sullivan, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Sullivan

    Sullivan ~pianist~

    A/N: Another Contestshipping, just like my other one-shot 'We Are Like A Rose.' It's a bit longer then the other one and is also rated G. Fluff between the two again!

    The story is basically saying that Drew is getting suspicious with May because she continues to get riled up over the same insults. He thinks that she shoudl be over with it now.

    Instead of explaining it, here's the Summmary: Drew thinks back and notices that all of his insults to May still get her riled up, even now. What is her reason for this? Shouldn't May be used to them? And how does Drew handle it? Contestshipping R&R

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon - which puts May and Drew along with it.

    ~I Can See Past Your Terrible Acting May~

    "Congratulations Drew. You won. It was a great battle," May complimented, poking the tips of her fingers together numbly as she looked at the green haired co-ordinator.

    Drew flicked his hair, turning on the side.

    "It wasn’t that hard really. Especially since I was battling you," he countered, noting the compliment but also turning against the brunette as her innocent face suddenly morphed to anger.

    "I'm not that bad! I got your points to lower then half way didn't I?" May made a ‘humph!' sound and crossed her arms, spinning around fully and shutting her eyes closed.

    Drew was curious now; her constant defending of her co-ordination skills was getting really old, as well as his insistent nagging. He had to admit... he insulted her too much, even if it was just a simple, although not really noticeable, joke.

    "May?" the green haired co-ordinator, called for attention gently.

    May perked her eyes open, realising the sensitive lilt in Drew's voice. He sounded like he was going to be sincere about something; but May hesitated to look.

    "Hmm?" she decided, looking over her shoulder slightly.

    Drew was facing her again, his emerald eyes boring into hers. There was no smirk on his face that showed his gloat of his previous win. His fringe noticeably hung over his eyes and normally Drew would flick it out the way but his hand stayed obediently by his side.

    "Stop acting," he stated simply and firmly, neither his eyes nor lips showing any playfulness in his words.

    May looked at him confused and she irritably faced the rival, uncrossing her arms and curling them into annoyed fists. Her sapphire eyes glinting in the little moonlight from above; a reflection of anger flashed across her eyes that Drew happened to notice but not react to.

    "What makes you think I’m acting?!" she asked loudly, getting more irritated with the other co-ordinator.

    "It's been almost a year since we first met... and whenever we met at contest, I’d insult you. You'd get angry... you should be used to it by now," Drew explained seriously.

    He took a small step forward, trying to get comfortable with the eerie silence that followed swiftly after; like a train running at full speed.

    From where she was, May could hear the soft breathing of Drew as she started sifting through excuses or come-backs but not finding a really good one

    "..." she responded in silence, her hands falling to her side as she glared at Drew.

    "Are you hiding something?" Drew smiled slightly; it was a soft smile, not one of boasting.

    "No! Of course not!" May snapped again, bringing her fists up again to a fighting mode; her eyes once again showing her current emotion. She didn’t really want to be guessed.

    "Well... if I would have thought so... I'd say you enjoy my taunting remarks," Drew snidely commented, pushing his chilly hands into his green pockets, flicking his hair by tossing his head.

    "That's stupid! Who would enjoy being insulted?!" the brunette growled, moving closer to her rival co-ordinator and shoving her head into Drew’s view, making him step back in surprise at the quick action.

    "You want my attention," the green haired boy commented smoothly, flicking his hair again but this time with his hand, and turning on the side again.

    May ‘humphed!’ again, crossing her arms and closing her eyes again and trying her hardest to hold back a blush that was slowly creeping over her warm cheeks. "So what if I do?"

    May felt like swallowing that comment again and selecting a different choice but it was too late. However, she was surprised when Drew didn’t react to it with a snide remark of his own; instead, she heard his soft voice calling her name.


    "Hmm?" The brunette opened her eyes for the second time that night and her orbs seemed to automatically glare in the direction of Drew. "Wha?!"

    May jumped back in surprise as she looked at yet another one of Drew’s roses, its rosy petals shining in the dim moonlight; now that the clouds have decided to play hide and seek.

    She didn’t know why she was surprised. It was the normal deal like all other times; she’d congratulate Drew, be insulted by the jerk and then he’d hand her a rose, saying it’s for her Beautifly.

    But this was deemed as something different when she heard the next words from Drew’s lips.

    "You don't need to try."

    Drew still had his warm smile on his face as he took one of May’s hand and placed the pristine rose into it gently, closing her fingers around the strong stem for her.

    May was pretty much shocked that everything had to be done for her. Her mouth hung open slightly and she hadn’t noticed the warming touch leave her hands or the disappearing back of Drew as he rounded a nearby corner.

    "Drew...?" she muttered late, shaking her head to bring her back, dropping her rose unintentionally.

    Her head snapped from right to left but saw now grassy haired boy in sight; her chest caved in and hopes died, though the hopes she wasn’t sure what they were.

    Slumping her shoulders, her lips drawn into an upside smile, she walked off towards a nearing sunset; leaving the rose behind on the ground.

    The small droplets amongst the scented petals captured the dimming sunlight, shining the rays everywhere as though it was trying to gain attention again.

    Like it didn’t want to be forgotten; but was.


    A/N: Like it? Don't worry, May didn't forget about Drew; if that's what it sounded like because to me it did after I read it a few times after. Please tell me if you understood it! Also, in case anyone missed it, May didn't drop the rose in purpose; read up again if you don't get it.

    Also, I would really love it if you read my other Contestshipping oneshot (that I mentioned earlier above.) It's called "We Are Like A Rose," and is basically about Drew realising that the more he gives May roses, the more he notices that they are like a rose. You'll have to read it to understand it better. Please do! XD

    Reviews are welcomed!

    ~Au revoir
  2. shadow_shipper

    shadow_shipper ...indeed...

    Hi there :) I think I've read your other one-shot some time ago, and I'm very eager to see this one ;)

    you can feel like something snapped inside him...like "Ok, no more games"
    some change in his mind...

    have you heard of love-hate relationships May ? :D

    how sweet ^_^

    well, some cute fluff, short to read, so you don't have to spend too much time on it, and it makes you feel better after reading it :)

    though some more length could have come in handy it was good. not many grammar or spelling mistakes, so yeah...but I really felt it could have used more development. It looks just like an ending from an episode (note : If had an ending like that in the anime, I'd be very happy :p ) so I'll give it a 7/10...now I don't know whether I'll put 3 or 4 stars...I'll see later on.

    Good Job, in any case :)
  3. rubyandsapphire, it's a one-shot. there's not going to be another chapter. i don't mean to be rude or anything, but it's sort of implied in the first post.

    anyway, i really liked this as well as We Are Like A Rose. ^^

    hehehe! i can SO see may doing that to him! XD

    gah, sadness. T_T but in a good way. i love stories where it just leaves you with this sort of feeling; like something's missing, but it's there.

    great job for the second time. ^^ like i said before, i'd like to see more of your writing. four *s from me.

    ;216; Tff
  4. may&mistylover

    may&mistylover Francesca S.

    wow, great start! I'm really impressed! Please write the next chapter. It could really work as a long fan fic. Go for it!
  5. anime_aficionada

    anime_aficionada Shameless prick. :3

    wow is all i can say! This fic is so cute! ^^ But is it a one-shot or are you gonna continue it? Cos if you are gonna continue it, I personally think you shouldn't. Even though it's the good fic that it is, i think it stays nice the way it is. Short and Sweet! But that's my opinion! ^^

    Anyways, cute fic nonetheless, and if you continue it, I'll still be one of your faithful fans!

    Till I come back, Keep Smiling! :)

    a_f *goes to read other fic*
  6. Sweet Melody

    Sweet Melody Choco is awsome...=3

    Lol. As everyone has said, wow! This is an excellent CS fic! You didn't make it to fluffy but just fluffy enough to satisfy everyone! And the ending, now THAT was something to be proud of. ;-D -claps wildly- Wonderfulness.

    Well, that was my favorite part, so cute!-^^- Your work is so good, can't wait to see more of your writing!

  7. HelloKitty17

    HelloKitty17 therocketsummer</3

    Yup I read this on ff.net too ^^

    I adore this especially the ending, it took me a couple tries to understand, but the line Drew says about May already having his attention made me squeal, so cute!

    Keep up the good work! & maybe more one-shots? lol. :]]
  8. Sullivan

    Sullivan ~pianist~


    Wow! Seriously, wow! I haven't been on Serebii for I don't know how long and while my sister was showing me something on this site my mind suddenly clicked and I was like... "Oh yeah! I should check my stories!" So yeah, sorry about being so late to reply to any comments in here.

    To my surprise, I had several comments... which ultimately made my day!

    Starting off with 'Shadow_Shipper:'

    Thanks so much! I'm so happy that it is a type of story that makes readers feel better after reading it.

    Yeah, I suppose length would have been a bit more handy but I was worried that if I added anything more, it would ruin the effect. Also, besides that, I wasn't quite sure what else I would have added. ^.^;;

    An ending like an anime... yeah. It kind of does. XD Wow, thanks so much. 7/10? I'm happy with that and whether it's 3 or 4 stars, either would be fine.

    Then 'Teddiursa fan forever:'

    Woot! Four stars, thanks so much. I thought this one was better in length and description perhaps, but my other story 'We Are Like A Rose' was better in plot.

    Go the great feeling at the end of stories! Thanks.

    Then 'may&mistylover:'

    I actually had never planned for this story to be changed into a chapter story. I think the plot would eventually fizzle and die after the first few chapters, mainly because I wouldn't know what to put into them. Besides, I already had stated that it was a oneshot. But still, thanks for saying that it should be a chapter story.

    And then 'anime_aficionada:'

    I'm smiling still! See... :D

    It's actually a oneshot; so it's good that you think that you personally think I shouldn't continue it... because I hadn't planned to. Go short and sweet stories! ^^

    Faithful fan makes me smile.

    Thanks for the comment!

    Then 'cutey_Kat12:'

    I don't exactly love oneshots or stories with a lot of fluff in it... well, my opinion might change depending on my mood. But still, I'm glad that you think that the fluff meter was at a good level.

    I am proud.

    Last but hopefully not least 'HelloKitty17:'

    Gah! You made me squeal when I read that it made you squeal! *squeal*

    Overall Thanks for any these reviews... there might be more coming and in that case, I'll reply to them after a few of them. But still, thanks for commenting...

    That reminds me, I have another oneshot but it isn't one of my favourites, it isn't as good as this one or my other oneshot 'We Are Like A Rose' but it still is ok. You might see it around sometime soon. ;)

    ~Au revoir
  9. anime_aficionada

    anime_aficionada Shameless prick. :3

    Aw....your welcome Sullivan! ^^ I'll go read some of your others stories...but yeah, my signature lines are like Keep Smiling and Faithful Fan, so I'm happy I made you smile! ^^

    Keep Smiling, Your ever-so-faithful fan


    and LOL kat, you're bishie rocks! ^^ I can't remember the last time i watched cardcaptors lol! Ahh...good days ....

    Anyways, I said I would read your other fics, so I shall! ^^

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