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i choose u! Sprite thread!!

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by pbfhdude, May 28, 2009.

  1. pbfhdude

    pbfhdude Well-Known Member

    Here are my sprites so enjoy.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    New dragon type




    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]





    Contest entries:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    New Forms:

    New forms for Shellos:
    From Left to right - Johto, Hoenn and Kanto

    Male alternitive to Kirlia - Kirleo:

    Shaymin (Seaform):
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2009
  2. aclover

    aclover VICTORiOUS

    whoa! thats one big cherry!
  3. pbfhdude

    pbfhdude Well-Known Member

    I would have prefered sum constructive critisism but okey.
  4. Jacks_Mannequin

    Jacks_Mannequin OFFLINE FOREVER

    Well the dragon type is just a cynaquil with some wings
    For the last spoiler things the fire one I like, the grass one's colors are wayy to bright, andthe water one would be good without the stripes so I like the fire one the best
  5. pbfhdude

    pbfhdude Well-Known Member

    Ill darken the grass type and remove the water types stripes.
  6. axebearer300

    axebearer300 Pokemon Spriter

    i second that motion. i like the tropius rayquaza one but the tail would look better on the other side i feel.
    and i like the gyarados/ steelix bar the fact that its body looks like it's made of playdough balls, the rest are good apart from the eyes on the ninjask/abra - way too big!
  7. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    You need to practice scratching more. You're relying to heavily on bad editing and mass copy+pasting of sprites to make fakemon. You also need to practice shading and choosing colors, the blue and green thing with the double tails is TO bright and doesn't look natural.


    From what I see it has no mouth, the shading is only on the side of the head. It also has a badly shaded body and tails/legs, thus giving it conflicting light sources. It also has a tail ON THE BACK and a tail ON A LEG. The tails aren't even different, it's the same one just copied and flipped over.

    As I said practice shading, scratching, and go read the spriting tutorial if you really want to get better :/
  8. RXS

    RXS Well-Known Member


    This is freaking adorable lol.
    Your sprites (your recolors for example) are a bit in color. The three at the bottom where you asked which was best are all wayyyyy too bright. Darker shades would make them look much better (just a few shades, nothing extreme lol).

    Otherwise, your sprites are cute
  9. Torosiken

    Torosiken This is a title.

    whoaaa!! o_O nothing to say... "WONDERFUL!!!!"
  10. pbfhdude

    pbfhdude Well-Known Member

    took into accout the crit and changed the sprites

    Didnt understand the in colour bit.
  11. I like the WailmerxCherrim one ^^
  12. pbfhdude

    pbfhdude Well-Known Member

    Thanks im glad u like it
  13. pbfhdude

    pbfhdude Well-Known Member

    added new ones
  14. aliy_dark

    aliy_dark Well-Known Member

    I think best one is the water one who looks like an eevee evolution
  15. joerachi

    joerachi The Blazing Tempest

    Oh that pichu/eevee fusion looks awesome. the ears look better than if a pikachu's ears were used.

    But that ditto/venonat thing will give me nightmares
  16. Skaisdead

    Skaisdead Movers and Shakers

    Some of them are alright, but original sprites and sprites made from scratch are always waaaay more impressive than sprite fusions. Even your Fake fire type and vulpix pre evolution are based off of Shinx's sprite, while your dragon evolution is Cyndaquil x Larvitar with wings, while it's evolution is Grovyle x Zangoose with wings.

    Don't take this the wrong way, but be original, even if you are just modifying existing Pokemon!
  17. Yami Ryu

    Yami Ryu Well-Known Member

    Since that wasn't clear enough.


    An example.


    All that's circled green in the blow up, is wrong. All that is different colors/edited on the small sprite is an attempt to fix up the horrible mess.

    Practice shading. Practice scratching/editing. Read the sprite tutorial.

    Clear enough?
  18. joerachi

    joerachi The Blazing Tempest

    Wasnt that heracross/blaziken originally made by Aquablade11(of youtube)
  19. pbfhdude

    pbfhdude Well-Known Member

    Yea dude i remember watching that vid and making it as practis. ment to delete it when i made my ideas but forgot, must have just uploaded it along with the rest of the crap.

    Is gone now.

  20. Ambassador Art

    Ambassador Art Active Member

    Nice sprites, I really like the Charmeleon recolors, there's a bunch of them! Also, my favorite fusions were Mewcario, (Mewtwo&Lucario) Magnedrio, (Magneton&Dodrio) and Raizard. (Raichu&Charizard.)

    Some of the recolors were a bit too bright at times, but the colors blended well for the most part. Several of the fusions could be done without them looking too deformed or anything too. I'd say your art is a 9/10 so far. ^_^

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