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I don't get the hatred of gays.

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Ridley-X4, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Strants

    Strants Well-Known Member

    Making an analagy helps me debate. And why is it that you edited your post?
  2. Lucas!

    Lucas! Real Talk Keisha.

    Hey buddy, I already did.

    Yup your really that ignorant.

    Maybe you Stfu and make sense. Your 16 and you can't understand that race and homosexuals have discrimination between each other?

    Wtf does your school teach?
  3. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    Well you're analogy is far too irrelevant
    to the topic we were previously discussing.
    (noticed that I said 'were' becuase you already
    change the topic to discrimination.)

    And I edited my post becuase by the time
    I was done typing my response, I figured
    the people who just arrived to the discussion
    were already bashing me. So I had to respond to them.
    And the only method was to edit my post because it's
    illegal to double post.

    Sorry buddy, but you're
    too much of an idiot to comprehend what I was trying to say.

    By the time you arrived to the discussion,
    Strantus already changed the topic to discrimination.
    Bringing up the case of skin color.

    Previously we we're talking about how
    two men having sex is not the same as a man and a woman having sex.

    Once again.
    It's 'you're' not 'your.'
    freakin' child. Go back to school and study.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2008
  4. jaxonferz

    jaxonferz Well-Known Member

    their just people, like you and i. if being gay wasa a sin then god wouldnt alow us to be gay
  5. Lucas!

    Lucas! Real Talk Keisha.

    Your not in any postition to talk about who's an Idiot here. I perfectly comprehend what your trying to say and I am responding to that.

    I read the pages. I know what you were talking about. Did I not state that? I believe I did.

    Of course it's not the same? One has a uterus and one does not.

    Discrimination is the key factor in between race and homosexuals. It's what makes it so common between the to.
  6. Strants

    Strants Well-Known Member

    The topic title is 'I don't understand the hatred of gays.' Hatred.
    You usually hate someone because of a prejudice. Discrimination.

    If you read my links, you'll see where I'm going.
  7. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    DUH. You're not smart enough to follow through the discussion, I guess.
    So which brings me to my point that:
    "Two men having sex and a man and a woman having sex is not the same as your skin color."

    That is just now relevant when Strants suddenly
    change the subject to discrimination.
    Think before you speak, idiot.

    And for the third time:
    it's 'you're' not 'your'.

    Yes I know what they mean.
    It's just the fact that we were previously
    talking about two men having sex is not the same
    as two people with opposite gender having sex.
    Then suddenly you bring up skin color which bemused
    the new arrivals to think that we were talking about discrimination.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2008
  8. Lucas!

    Lucas! Real Talk Keisha.

    I understand what your talking about perfectly. Opps I uses Your!


    Your certainly don't understand what your talking about "Idiot".

    Just leave the discussion because you don't understand it at all.
  9. Strants

    Strants Well-Known Member

    Not giving a homosexual couple the same rights as a hetrosexual couple seems to fit discrimination's 'unfair treatment' bill rather well. So does not allowing gays to have sex, but letting a male and female. Coincidentally, just looking down on gays in general is ALSO discrimination. How did I change the subject? And if I did, your argument, if ethically superior, would be able to counter it.

    Also, please stop using the term 'idiot.' You're defiling any good points your arguments may have had by sounding like two trolls on a rampage.
  10. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    O.M.G. that's what I was trying to say.

    repeat 2 times.

    repeat 3 times.

    When you got into the discussion you stressed
    the point of discrimination too much, that it overshadowed
    the previous topic we were pondering upon.


    You are such an idiotic person huh?
  11. Lucas!

    Lucas! Real Talk Keisha.

    You said all this stuff before. I read it then. Stop repeating yourself.

    Discrimination happened in both topics. I didn't overshadow anything.

    You've already shown your ignorance toward the topics. Leave now.
  12. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    Well read it again and this time understand.

    So you tell me the connection between
    people having sex and discrimination.
  13. Strants

    Strants Well-Known Member

    Look back to page 30. I note you did not say race and sexual preferances were different until I made what I think was a good argument. Also, saying a penis and vagina are different the way you were seems sexist.
  14. Lucas!

    Lucas! Real Talk Keisha.

    I understood it the first time.K?

    Yes when its to males or to females having sex there hated upon. When your black, Latino, or any race other than white then many people hate you. Its obvious out the to are connected.
  15. Kinslayer

    Kinslayer Nevermore...

    I'd just like to say three things here.

    First, there are some straight up idiots in this thread.

    Second, How are you not getting the relevance of the race/ethnicity thing? It pertains to this, because you're discussing people who are discriminated against over something that they can't help nor have any control over.

    Third, for you goons saying it goes against God, you do know that a lot of the Bible was edited by man over the centuries, right? They could have put anything in there. Also, many things in the Old Testament aren't applicable once Jesus was crucified. Not going to go into that, because that's not exactly what this debate is about, but I'm sure you get the point (seeing as how you didn't get the race point, I'm not 100% sure you'll comprehend this).

    For the record, I'm a gay black Christian. :)
  16. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    I was agreeing to this:
  17. Strants

    Strants Well-Known Member

    What is actually different, though, between homosexuals and hetrosexuals? By this, I mean the actual person, and not a few things they do differently from each other?

    I will revoke my comment about you being sexist. I couldn't remember exactly what was said. Sorry.
  18. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    h0v0r is an idiot. There is no doubt about that.

    Sex is fucking sex. Whether gay or straight, they both lead to a fucking orgasm. There's no difference. There's no difference between gay or straight people either other than who you like to screw.

    Simple as that.
  19. m7md-manaphy

    m7md-manaphy Grass/Water Lover

    Gays = no more life

    if all males are gays how can the next gen come ??
    i think its really bad and discusting
    btw most people who got Aids are gays
    its really bad
  20. GhostAnime

    GhostAnime Searching for her...

    but not everybody is gay so this point is moot.

    it isnt because theyre gay. unless you think black girls arent normal too!
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