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I don't get the hatred of gays.

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Ridley-X4, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Lucas!

    Lucas! Real Talk Keisha.

    Your a big time loser for actually caring what your friend does in his sexual life.
    Why are you freaking out? Mature people don't freak out. No your right just fails.
  2. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    Oh. Sorry, I didn't see cuz of your font.
    Well, I think they have the right to.
    They're human beings just like others.
  3. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    Oh. Okay.
    ._. There's nothing to argue then.
  4. Kinslayer

    Kinslayer Nevermore...

    Why the hell do people say this? You assume that a gay male will be attracted to you, first of all.

    Even if a guy did hit on you....so what? Someone's attracted to you. Big deal. What's the worst that could happen? You say that you're not gay, and that's the end of that.

    Sounds like you're also scared, whether you admit to that or not. :/
  5. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    I always wonder about that. "LOLZ BE GAY, JUST DON'T HIT ON ME."

    I don't think many women appreciate men hitting on them, either.
  6. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    Women just wants you to think they don't want be hit on.
    But deep inside they really want to be hit on.
  7. Kinslayer

    Kinslayer Nevermore...

    I REALLY hope you're not that damn stupid to believe what you just typed.
  8. ash5550

    ash5550 Spartan G-26

    Its not exactly the nicest thing to happen in public.
  9. Lucas!

    Lucas! Real Talk Keisha.

    Just say sorry I'm straight but thanks for the compliment. You make it seem like its the end of the world.
  10. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    People are so gullible these days.

    Just curious.
    How many of you guys are gay?
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2008
  11. Lucas!

    Lucas! Real Talk Keisha.

    Bisexual right here.
  12. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    I don't really like to label myself, but somewhere along the lines of pansexual I believe suits me best.
  13. Kinslayer

    Kinslayer Nevermore...

    Gullible, or it's hard to pick up on sarcasm over the internet when someone has displayed ignorance multiple times? :-\

    And I've already stated that I'm gay.

    I don't see how. You just seem like a huge d-bag the way you're making it sound.
  14. Archimedes

    Archimedes Not Dead Yet

    And that, my dear Carlisle is the magic of double standards. They make the world go round.
  15. Josiah

    Josiah is your favorite

    This has gone from a semi debate to complete misc. trash.
  16. The_Panda

    The_Panda 恭喜發財

    It was always Miscellaneous trash. Homosexuality topics never work out. We're *supposed* to have a moratorium on them, but Eszett gave up on enforcing it.
  17. PsiUmbreon

    PsiUmbreon Well-Known Member

    I think this thread has run its course enough already.

    *uses Thread Seal*
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