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I Feel Skitty (323)


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I Feel Skitty!

Heading to Fallarbor City for the Pokémon Contests, May spots a sad Skitty and decides to help it cheer up. However in doing so, Jessie wants to capture it aswell as May. Who will end up getting the Skitty?

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It rocked. Skitty sounded like it said "nooo..." when May asked if it was feeling well.^_^

Meowth's loving Skitty was cute too.

I'm just waiting for Ash to use Treecko again. ;-;

EDIT: Woot, first non-serebii post in the Episode Discussions! ^_^
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>.> Well I guess my topic was created for nothing then after this. The episode was well dubbed aside from May's voice actress giving May too high pitched of a voice.


Deoxys rulez all!
I liked this episode. It was funny when Ash thought that "aromatheropy" was a pokemon. lol


Old Coot
The Trainer Choice is outdated. >_> Bug Pokémon are no longer weak to Poison-types.


Skitty is my new favorite Pokemon. She was just so cute! She reminds me of my own cats. I'm so glad she's finally here. :D

This episode was all I expected it to be. I loved James and the Weepinbell and how Jessie was just going to leave him. lol Brock was funny too. He went after that girl so many times. XD What was her name...Eliza? This episode had other funny parts too, like when they arrived at the aromatheropy place and Max said something to the effect of, "Now I know why we're here" after Brock went after the girl.

May and Jessie always fighting over Pokemon is great. I was glad to see Dustox again.


Meowth + Skitty = CUTE!

I have no complaints other than Skitty doesn't say Skitty, but her voice is so cute! There's so much more I want to say about this episode, but I better stop now. :p I give it 10/10!


Old Coot
Skitty doesn't say Skitty cause she was saying "Eneko", her original name. >_> It's the same voice used from the Japanese version.
I liked this episode!!! Skitty's voice was adorable. I LOVED when it chases its tail(or anything!!!). The trainers choice was kinda wrong, but Zigzag Zangoose's was just plain stupid.
9.3/10, it was a great episode, and I DID notice May's voice, it was weird.
Well, the new Episode Discussion Formus explains why the topics were closed. I was about to bash whoever did that. So, I'm sorry. :(

Anyways, this was a good ep! :)

I loved the way Skitty was playing around. Definatly earns the name of the Kitten Pokemon. :)

I loved seeing Brock being pulled away repeatedly. I say he's gotten worse! :D

Team Rocket just had to ruin the very moment May was going to make a real capture, huh? Figures they would do something like that. :)

Meowth definately showed a love connection. Why else would he care so much about Skitty being captured by Jessie? :)

I also noted that this is the first time Torchic has used Quick Attack. Since when did it learn that? 0_0 At least it has a good attack that can really come in handy.

Also, as much of this capture being related to the Psyduck one, I don't feel that May is replacing Misty.

Anti-PS: Wait, aren't you a pokeshipper?

Me: Yes, and I do hate Advanceshipping, but I like May. I just don't want her to end up with Ash in the end. :)

Anyways, good ep for catching a new poke.

Rate: 8/10 :)

I would definatly watch this one again. :)


EliteTrainerRaven said:
Skitty doesn't say Skitty cause she was saying "Eneko", her original name. >_> It's the same voice used from the Japanese version.

I know. I still like it, I was just expecting a dubbed voice.


I can't weait to see this episode in the UK, from all your reviews it sounds like a good one! I also can't wait to see Skitty and hear it's voice.

Silver Ryu

~Aqua Dragon~

SKITTY IS SO CUTE!!!!! ;300; ;300; ;300; ;300; ;300; ;300; ;300;

Sorry, I just had to say that... :redface:

This was a great eppy! Man, how many times did Brock go crazy in this one...
Brock: My ear hurts! *rubs sore ear*
Max: Well, you deserved it!
XD! Geez, I can't belive that :meowthbal (team rocket) thought that they'd get promoted if they brought Giovonni perfume! [sarcasam] Yeah, he'd reeeeeally like that. It's exactly what he's always wanted...[/sarcasam]

I liked this one, and I give it 8/10.

Crystal Latios

I have seen only japanese version of this.
Anyway, it is a good episode^^ I really like Skitty, it had a great fun with Ash and Pikachu`s tail LOL
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I agree with Shining Espeon on what he said. This episode screamed "Bad Johto Filler elements" to me. And now I'm REALLY getting tired of Brock falling in 'love' with every girl he see's.

Haruka's Swimsuit

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WaterMaster#1 said:
I agree with Shining Espeon on what he said. This episode screamed "Bad Johto Filler elements" to me. And now I'm REALLY getting tired of Brock falling in 'love' with every girl he see's.

Yeah, it'd be nice if the reverse were to happen a little more often... Preferably with a girl closer to his own age.
I missed it!;_; Luckily I saw the second ep. so I know Skitty's voice was kept.(That kawaii little kitty deserves plenty of huggles!-^_^-) Hopefully I'll remember to see it on Friday.


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Cybercubed said:
(in the other discussion)
Did anyone get any innuendo out of Brock saying he wanted to come into Eliza's "front entrance?" The way he stated that brought that up.
I noticed this too, and it was kinda disturbing. o_O

Anyway, this was an OK episode. It was kinda annoying that Max had to pull Brock away from Alisa four times. It's definately good that they kept Skitty's Japanese voice, they seem to be doing that a lot more lately; very good sign. Nothing very noteworthy actually occurred in this ep apart from May catching Skitty obviously. If it weren't for that, it would have been like any other slightly boring filler. It was good to see Meowth showing affection for Skitty though, we haven't seen him show his sensative side for a while. I guess he doesn't have much loyalty to Meowsie anymore.:p


It was a good episode, some funny moments. I got tired of hearing "That smells good!" every 50 seconds, but I enjoyed it.