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I Feel Skitty (323)

Sky Squirtle

ン ラ Koi no Mahou
This was a really nice episode, but I also found it very sick. Brock seemed worse than usual, and WTF were the translators thinking? "I'll come through your front entrance!" >_>I really thought it was cute, though, when Skitty chased Pikachu and itself's tail.


Aww,Cute Skitty!!!!!I can't believe Meowth is in love with it.That skitty is very hyper!!!:D:D:D But I'm so glad that may caught it.It's cute.

Houndoom Master

That was a funny episode, but I'd only give it 4/10. It sounded to me like Skitty was saying "Maaayyy, Maaaayyyy..." Brock was too annoying, but I laughed when Brock got his revenge on Max. The battle between Dustox and Beautifly was interesting.


Deoxys rulez all!
There's one problem. Meowth's "Giovanni" plan wouldn't work, because Giovanni is EVIL, so he must like EVIL things, but Skitty is EVIL to me, but what Giovanni thinks is EVIL, and what I think is EVIL, are two totally different EVILS. Wow, the word EVIL really lost its entire meaning. Oh well. *EVIL laugh* Uhhh, I can explain.


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I love it when Brock was dragging Max in the haze. That rocked. I also liked seeing James try to get the victreebell. It was funny when he got bubblebeamed into the baloon too. Skitty was adorable when it caught itself.
SKitty was adorable in this episode... when it was playing with everything and running in circles...so cute. I like its voice, "nyah nyah" Kinda funny when they first got to the Aromatherapy and when Brock does his usual girl thing Max goes "And that explains why we're here"


The episode just finished about half an hour ago for me. I thought it was adorable! I have a little kitten that is just like Skitty, so it made the episode ll the more real for me. I also loved how Max said that if Brock kept flirting they wouldn't be allowed inside the building. I laughed out loud. I also loved how playful Skitty was. I thought it was so cute. ^^ I rate this episode an 8.5/10


Chu Chu Chu
'twas a good episode but did anyone notice on the trainers voice it sounded like James saying "Weezing" as apposed to the actual Pokémon?


Old Coot
Yeah, I pointed it out in my previous version of this topic that Eric Stuart's been doing Weezing's voice for some reason since AG 006. He sounds HORRIBLE as Weezing. x_x It's basically James with a bad cold.


I didn't like how many times Brock went after the girl, but overall it was good.


I'd like to see Ash fall for every girl, and get pulled on his ear by May becuase she would secretly like him, meh I'm not really an advanced shipper, and I'm not really an idago shipper, I don't care for this so called shippyness.


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I thought this epsiode rocked. I love Skitty it is so cute. I am very happy May got to catch it. The way Skitty chased its tail and fall is sooo cute. I love that part. And when Max kept on draging Brock away from Liza was funny. Yep another great eppie!

Pokémon Master Josh

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Skitty had it's Japanese voice... i think...


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It was a humourous filler. Skitty was a bit gay at times, something that May would have alright, but nonetheless I did enjoy it.

I like the idea of Brock and the women, but please don't over do it.

And of course my favourite part of the anime....the Team Rocket motto!! I'd give it a 7/10 this time, I've heard better rhymes, although the customes were funny(I've think we've seen them before at least half-a-dozen times)

I don't think May & Skitty will become the new Misty & Psyduck, mainly because it looks like May will actually get on reasonably well with Skitty, which has to be said is in dark contrast with Misty and Psyduck :p
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Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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SKITTY WAS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a great ep 10/10

Factory Head Noland

This was a such a cool episode!
Skitty was so cute! It was nice of Meowth to think of how Skitty would be treated if it was with Team Rocket.
I liked the battle between Beautifly and Dustox (Jessie used Dustox!! Woohoo!!), Beautifly was good at dodging Psybeam and Tackle.
I was funny when Team Rocket jumped out of the window with Seviper and Wobbuffet! Also when James wanted a Weepinbell (they should of let him have one!!).
Catching Skitty was....easy, it just played with the Pokeball and jumped right in.
Is Skitty's voice it's Japanese voice? I'm sure it is.
I can't wait to see more of Skitty and one great thing is.....it comes out of it's Pokeball when it wants!!!!!!!!!


Contaminated KFC
Skitty isn't one of my favourites, but it is still pretty cool in the animé. Love the way its pretty much mesmorized by anything that moves.

I really do think its a shame Meowth's little crush on Skitty doesn't actually stick around, it would've proved for some great scenes in the future if todays episode was anything to go by. There were some truly amusing moments, and I couldn't help but laugh at Meowth's first reaction to seeing Skitty. Not to mention James' reaction to spotting those two Weepinbell and the fact that his crossdressing made a surprising return.

Awesome to see Dustox again too. Poor guy gets barely any screen time apart from contests and random twerp-based battles x.x I like the rivalry going on between Jessie and Haruka, it makes for some awesome battles.