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I Feel Skitty (323)



it was so cute when Meowth fell in love with Skitty..how cute!!


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This got me angry.

The episode finally aired in Denmark, and then the translators made the character referre to Skitty as a "he".
WHY A HE?! Is Meowth gay then? o.o
I vote bi instead, considering Meowsie and all that <<;;
But that would make a huge minus for me =/ Otherwise, the episode was neat, but I think they overdid the Max-pulling-Brock-away gag. But then again, Brock haven't been this horny and intrusive.


cute little bird
Skitty = Super cute and adorible, one of my new favorites *points at avatar and siggy pic/ Fire Red screenshot*
Yes, even in the games Skitty goes Nyahh, a house in the city where Devon is has a Skitty on it, bump it and it goes Nyaah or Gyiou. This is in R/S you know.


I didn't like this episode much, pretty boring. SKitty was the only good event in this episode, and how Meowth loved Skitty.



Team Awesome
I love Skitty, she's so adorable. :) Too bad she isn't showcased much anymore (besides post-Hoenn, of course, since she's left behind), she was so cute and feisty. I love how Meowth had the crush on her and made sure she got away from Team Rocket because it wouldn't be a good life for her. Awww. "Super Skitty" be darned, she's still fun to watch. :D

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I didn't like Jessie being greedy of having the Skitty to herself (even though May caught it eventually)


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Skitty was adorable, I just wish I could keep it for myself, but it's good for May just as much.

I can remember a cheery episode like this.


Aww my favorite Hoenn episode because of Skitty's debut and it's capture. I really liked the fact that they gave it to May. She needed something cute on her team because Torchic was getting old. Also, Skitty has a diverse moveset so it fits in well with the Contest crowd. I'm a tad bit disappointed though, they didn't show the effects of Aromatheraphy much and that it only served to pacify Skitty. 6/10.
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Skitty was very cute, i loved that May capture it.
And Jessie fighting vs May on it was good, it was a great battle.

popcorn dragon

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Great episode, although people still don't know the fact that the cute one known as Skitty are born in hell. Skitty and Dratini are probably the only cute pokemon around. I thought this was a great addition on may's team, and if it did evolve, it would lose its evilness.
Cute little troublemaker skitty.



Shiny Flygon
Another great episode in AG. Skitty has some good moves and abilities, but it should have been calmer with it's tail.

But basically, a good capture of May.


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Skitty is one of the cutest pokemon EVER!

I'm glad May got it, I would've hate to see it blasting off with TR every episode.

Overall, good episode.


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This episode was ok... It was sad to see Skitty really sick to start. It was cool seeing a Skitty for the 1st time. Skitty was so cute! It was great to see Aromatherapy shown in this episode, especially on Skitty who really needed it. It was funny when Ash thought Aromatherapy was a Pokemon. It's funny to see Skitty always chasing its tail. I'm glad May was able to capture Skitty, it really suits her.

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