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I found a shiny......It flee.......

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I found a shiny Ralts. But it flee by using teleport. :( Must laugh at me.


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Ouch dude. If it makes you feel any better, I caught a shiny starly (by chaining) and forgot to save.


Ouch... thas one mean ralts. I feel your pain... i got shiny riolu once from egg. My platinum game resetted itself. I lose shiny riolu. :( i have no other shiny ever caught by myself, from my own luck/skill in chaining.


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Owww well it could be worst...you didn't experience the pain of seeing wally get a shiny ralts right in front of your eyes...and it was my dad Norman who gave him the pokeball that ralts should be mine!


I have a story like that; back on Sapphire the Poochyena that you battle with your starter was a shiny.

I was forced to defeat it with my starter. D;


It's a mystery.
Ahhhh... the scars. >.< I have a story similar to this.

I found a shiny Nidoran♂ in the Safari Zone during the days I still had my FireRed version. When I tried to catch it on the first turn, I knew the negatives would happen especially since this was taking place in the Safari Zone (meaning you obviously can't attack or inflict a status on the wild Pokemon... and also that your only options are to use the Safari Ball, throw bait, or throw mud). The result? It fled. T~T


Were it so easy.
I had a shiny Whismur use Roar in Sapphire once. Months later, I actually found another one. I caught it that time, and my game ended up corrupting anyway. So even if I had caught the first one, it would've corrupted anyway. The game was hacked/fake or something. Don't buy off ebay.


Sweet and Delicious
T_T all of your stories are so sad!

I have a missed shiny story, though it's more my fault than anything else. Back when I was playing Gold, my favorite new pokemon was Sneasel. After I had beaten the Elite 4 and was training on Route 28, I ran into a shiny one! T_T However, I didn't have any status-inflicting pokemon. And the only balls I had on me at the moment were a handful of pokeballs and great balls.

T_T long story short, I ran out of pokeballs and had to faint it. Never ran into another shiny on that cartridge, either.


I have a story like that; back on Sapphire the Poochyena that you battle with your starter was a shiny.

I was forced to defeat it with my starter. D;

Same thing happend to me the very first time I played Ruby.

I still think the worst is watching Wally catch Shiny Ralts. That would suck.


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I feel your pain, as this has happened to me many times.

For one, the same happened to me with a Ralts one time.

But... the worst one... was when I was soft resetting for a shiny Darkrai, and the shiny came up, but... I got distracted, and accidentally resetted it away. This was in August, and I am still hunting for another one to this day.

I also once got a shiny patch to come up when I was chaining male Nidoran on Platinum, but when I was heading to the patch... THE ROAMING ARTICUNO APPEARED. The Pokemon I was using was too low in level. Ever since that day, I've had this immense dislike for Articuno.


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at least you didnt run out of pokeballs


I had just gotten Diamond on my birthday and I was on my way. I met Dawn in the second town and when I went back to give my Piplup a little training before going further, the first Pokemon I run into was a Shiny Starly... I had 0 Pokeballs. Zero. I was so sad I just ran away without killing it. The scars still remain.


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umm I never had a shiny b4 so I really dont have any sad story's like you guys but I did hate ash on that one episode for not stealing the lady's Kecleon D= got me mad


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I had a shiny Graveler Self-destruct on me once.

Reading this thread, I'm really glad I'm not that into shinies.
Some of those stories are really sad! Especially the one with the Darkrai.

I never had such an experience.. But then again.. I only found 1 shiny in my 10 years of playing XD


Fire boy
How bout this? I had a shiny Lotad and trained it all the way up to L100 as a Luicolo (sp? too lazy to spell check), along with many other pokemon at L100. That sapphire version, and my fire red version, are both stolen. Yay.


De Ibwis Twigga!
I found a Shiny DUNSPARCE.

Dropped LG+game froze+no save = bye bye Dunsparce.
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