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I have a dilemma,what should I do?

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Ho-oh Master

Well-Known Member
ok,I have anuff money to buy LG(I already have all the PKMN in FR) but xmas is comeing up soon.

so should I get LG so I have something to do so I can comeplete my dex or wait?


TC expert
Wait, and use the money on something better, or the other way around


Well..... if you don't got emerald you could buy that-but its your choice


Super Gamer
You should just get it all for Christmas. There is virtually no point in getting Emerald though - its the same story (basically) and its only worth getting to do the Battle Frontier and capturing Mew in the future.


Ho-oh Master

Well-Known Member
I already have Emerald.

can LG trade with colosseum before I beat the E4?

because right now I'm in pewder city sp and now I will trade over my sqirtle and then restart and then get balbasor sp.

um where do I get the running shoes?


No, LG cannot trade with Colosseum before the E4 fight.

The running shoes are obtained on the path to the East of Pewter City. The scientist dude stops you on the route and gives them to you after a long as hell tutorial.

You're only asking questions that can be answered by FAQs now, so I'ma lock this. Fwot! Locky no juutsu!
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