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I have a question

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This is my very first post and I have a huge question. My last game was Emerald, and I was wondering if it is worth to buy a nintendo ds and a game like platinum. So is it worth it?


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Firstly, if you can go DSi, the screens look more vibrant.

Secondly, yes you should go into the fourth generation. I would pick up platinum for the extended storyline, and extended pokedex along with the battle frontier. Either Heartgold or Soulsilver is another solid choice, with both of them being remakes of the fantastic second generation.

Also, with black and white coming to DS, buying one now would make sure that you would be able to play them when they are released.


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It might be worth it to wait for the 3DS. It should be released in the US in Spring 2011.
I think you should get the Nintendo DS Lite. It's just under a hundred dollars, so it's easy on the wallet when buying a console. The DSi is another route to go. However, if you plan on getting the 3DS, I would wait before buying.

As for the Pokémon games, I'd get Platinum or HeartGold/SoulSilver. Diamond and Pearl will seem really slow to you after playing through Emerald.


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That's basically enough in the way of answers - cheapest option = ds or ds lite, but if you want the very best wait a few months (if that!) for the 3DS to come out (which can play DS games).

Ask questions in the Help thread next time please. Closed.
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