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I have a Shiny Lv. 1 Rash Eevee for trade...

Kuro Kaoru

Fun Festival
I have a shiny Eevee that is at max friendliness and I'm about to evolve it...
But first, I wanted to see what anyone would like to trade for it as an Eevee... If anyone is interested, post your offers and I'll PM you if I want to trade...
I'm most likely to trade it for other Shinies, but some legendaries are possible too... Don't PM me, just post here and I'll PM the person with the best offer...
Thanks, and sorry for the vague description... ^_^;

Edit: I'm mostly interested in lower level shinies, NO LEVEL 100s... All offers are still welcome, but the chances of me trading are lower...
ALSO! Please no PM! The site lags on me too much and switching pages to view offers takes much longer sometimes than viewing them here... And I do look at all offers! Thnaks again!
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Pokemon Collector
Ooh.. me loves shinies.
I've got cloned shiny Hariyama, Jirachi, Phione, starters...

Maybe Spiritomb if you give me time to hatch


New Member
Ugh, Only low level(ish) One I have is a level 30 shiny Deoxys, if it's of any interest to you? ><
I've been looking to get a shiny eevee for a while ><


Well-Known Member
i'll give you a lv. 100 of any of the legendary birds. :)


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ill giv u a legit shiny seviper holding a master ball AND any FIVE 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gen Pokemon of ur choice except Celebi and Deoxys


5326 7398 1244
is the eevee untrained PERIOD? you didnt give it calciums, irons, etc did you?

If not, my offer still stands


5326 7398 1244
thats true

ok my offer stands now no matter what unless someone else can trade me a shiny eevee ;)