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I hope that they took out MissingNo. in Diamond and Pearl for America

Discussion in 'Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum' started by Scorpion1386, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Bl4stoise

    Bl4stoise Well-Known Member

    i remember i was going to clone rare candys in blue. So i did the glich, and when i did it, it accidentally cloned good rods...and i deposited all but one of them in a box for a good hour... i wasent smart enough to just reset....
  2. Scorpion1386

    Scorpion1386 Lost Fan

    That whole topic there turned into a stupid flame war between angry nerds.
  3. Shnitzel_12

    Shnitzel_12 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I had the kanghaskan thing. It evolved into a Nidoran(F or M i forget) at level two. They have to have ;000; If they didn't, I'd launch a formal complaint!
  4. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    hee... horrible focusing job... gee, missingno is still here after 4 generations, and yet there are people who still don't believe that it's a nessicary evil...
  5. smith

    smith Well-Known Member

    I always thought that if you caught Missingno it would glitch up your game. So in Blue i only used it to clone Masterballs.
  6. Exactly the same for me. It just seems dodgy to me and i dont want to risk my games. But missingno will always be there. ;123;
  7. basketballa

    basketballa shiny hunter

    i hate that thing....
  8. KingBoo1

    KingBoo1 The Pokémon Weaver

    There were 105+ variants of the RBY MissingNo., 5 variants of the GSC version (including looping egg), 3 known in the 3rd gen (blocky ??, ( ( ? ) ), and Bad Egg), and at least 1 in the 4th gen. Empty Dex entries in R/S/E are filled with the sprite of ( (?) ). They handle hacked games, empty Dex entries, and other stuff. If it's a Pokémon game, it's got a MissingNo. They have (Missing)No. choice but to do it!
  9. bugman03

    bugman03 Well-Known Member

    Didn't he used to be a Water and Flying type in R B? I caut one and it had Sky Attack and Water Gun x2 lol
  10. ShR00mEr

    ShR00mEr anne frank

    there was only one missingno in RBY the other's where diffrent pokemon that never get credit for what they did >.>
    what does the 3 from RSE look like?
  11. AerialAce!

    AerialAce! Inconceivable!

    If he deserves a spot in the smileys, he deserves a spot in the games. ;000;

    Seriously, it's an unavoidable placeholder that somebody found out how to see in battle ages ago. (D/P one anyway) and this one's easy to avoid. Just don't send out fainted Pokémon in double battles.
  12. Scorpion1386

    Scorpion1386 Lost Fan

    That's a pretty bad glitch. Hopefully it'll be removed in the English version.

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