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I Love You More Each and Everyday (contestshipping one-shot)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by The Red Butterfly, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    I Love You More Each and Everyday

    Ash and friends were on a ferry heading back to Hoenn after the Battle Frontier in Kanto. Ash, Brock and Max were busy chowing down loads of food (especially Ash) in the diner. May however was leaning on the railing of the boat, gazing at the star painted sky. She sighed as she looked down at the deep blue ocean which was darkened by the night sky and lit up by the stars. She was thinking about Drew and how much she missed him. Sure he could be competitive but then again he was so cute and so sweet. She loved how he gave her roses after their contest matches or battles. “Is this for Buetifly?” “Yeah….something like that”. Those words still rang in her head. Ashes voice suddenly brought her back to reality.

    “MAY, COME BACK INSIDE IT’S GETTIN’ LATE!” He yelled. Ash was standing by the doorway with his girlfriend the red headed Misty Waterflower. They had talked on the phone about meeting on the ferry but they couldn’t find each other but they managed too almost near curfew. May nodded, “Ok, I’ll be back in a few minutes and hi Misty!” she said back. “Hi May, it’s nice to see you again!” she yelled back. Ash and Misty then went inside. May went to follow them when she then heard her name. She turned around and it was….Drew.
    “Drew?! What are you doing here?” she asked confused.

    “I came to tell you happy birthday.” He said back with a happy expression on his face. May giggled and blushed, “Thanks” she whispered.

    “Ummmm….I got you something, I put it in your room-Brock showed me where it was earlier so I hope you like it but I bet you will!” he said pushing his shiny green hair back out of his face.

    “Oh, you didn’t have to and if I don’t see you anytime later on I’ll say thanks!” May said as she walked away.

    “May, just to tell you, the present is for YOU and not your pokemon alright?!” he said back. May looked back and nodded then headed back to her room.

    When she opened the door she gasped. Placed on her desk was a dozen beautiful roses in a blue sparkly vase. May was in awe, Drew did this for me? It’s so sweet! She thought. She then realized there was a note next to the flowers. She opened it and it said-

    Roses are red,
    Your eyes are a pretty shade of blue,
    You might think this is a joke but what I’m saying is all true.
    You and you pokemon are a great team,
    And you always are able to beat Team Rocket and their evil schemes.
    Seeing you in contests and battling you is always fun so May…..
    It’s true…..I love you more each and everyday!


    Ps: See ya in the next contest!

    I originally posted this on PC but I wanted to see what you all though of it!! Tell me what you think!! ;) and I hope you like it!!
  2. Mimori Kiryu

    Mimori Kiryu Well-Known Member

    It sounds really cute, CWF! I loved it. Neat little poem too. ^_^ Keep up the good work.
  3. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    Thank you!!! :D I'm glad u liked it!!
  4. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    A very nice poem. OMG, KyokoButterfly15, is that you? *curious*
    Anyways, as I said on PC, its a very sweet and kawaii poem. No errors which were good. I hope to see more great fics from you. =)
  5. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    lol yep it's me!!! :D and thanx!!
  6. Poké_Master

    Poké_Master Indigo Champion

    Although I don't support Contestshipping, that was a cute poem!
  7. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    :D Thankyou, I'm glad you liked it!!
  8. Brioche

    Brioche Hippie-Liberal

    This story was a bit short, but nevertheless, very cute. *loves poem* Awww...*gasp* Maybe you can make a sequel!
  9. Torchic23

    Torchic23 gee that's swell

    Aww, cute story, as everyone said, short, but really good! Nice poem, that's clever!
  10. Nielkis

    Nielkis Love will find a way

  11. cutiej_giirl

    cutiej_giirl Guest

    Aww, so cute! Nice poem! :)
  12. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    Thanx guys!!!! :D I'll post my other one-shot up when I get the chance!! It's another contestshipping one!!
  13. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    That poem is kiddy cute. ^^ *loves* And the story is sweet, yet a little rushed. =/ Here are some things I want to point out:
    It's spelled Beautifly. ^^;
    Grammatical error here -> Ashes should be Ash's since it's possesion and not plural.
    Might wanna put that in some sort of quotation, like:
    May was in awe. 'Drew did this for me? It's so sweet!' she thought...
    I like using the ' but some sort of quotation would make it better.
    I know they're small stupid things, but improvment is never too far off, no matter how good one gets. Keep writing, you make a good plot, proofread, and post more. ^^
  14. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    Thanx 4 pointin it out, i knew there wuld be some grammatical errors cuz i type kinda fast, so thanx!! :D

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