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I`m such an idiot...


Power Is Beautiful
I was training my level 27 Houndoom, alone, in Magma Cavern and forgot that since I`ve defeated Rayquaza I can fight Groudon again. So, without thinking, I saved at the mid-point. Now I can`t manage to beat Groudon, even with Solarbeam, and I can`t leave. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?


Storm of Fire
If you're okay with losing your money/items. Then just give up. It's an option in Other.


Power Is Beautiful
Thanks. I didn`t know I could do that. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: Problem. I just tried that, it took some of my items and my money and put me back at the middle save point. This is gonna drive me insane...
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perpetually tired
Go south in the midway point. You should have done that from the beginning....
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Power Is Beautiful
Yes!! Thank you!! *hugs* *worships* I really need to learn this game better. But you helped!!

I owe all three of you big time for helping me!!


Well-Known Member
maybe you should wait untill someone will rescue you
LOL XD!!!! Just die when Groudon hits you or just go to Give up. LOL..... ^ funny