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I need Audacity help....

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Does anyone here have Audacity? If so... help me out here...

Audacity can record stuff, right? Like, say, a song from a movie, right?

If so... how do you make it so it records something that your hearing from your computer, or from the movie your listening to?


If you can, be as descriptive as possible because I'm having a hard time figuring these technicalities out, thanks again.


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I can help you. It's a very simple process.

I believe I know what you're saying, so this is what I normally do when I want to record stuff off a movie.

1. Go to Start>Run>type in "sndvol32".
2. When that's open, go to options, and hit "Properties".
3. Then change the Mixer Device to Input, and make sure everything in the "Show the following volume controls" are checked.
4. Open Audacity, then change that box above to Stereo Mix.
5. Make sure the input volume is set to 0.1.
6. Hit the record button when ready to record.

I hope that helped.