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I need help connecting my NES to my computer.

Blaze The Movie Fan

Reviewer and PokéFan
Last November I got an NES. And ever since then I have tried to connect it to my TV, but unfortunately it doesn't work.

Here are the adapters that came with it:

And here is the back of my TV:

No matter how I connected the NES, I couldn't play Kid Icarus, and I'm not giving up, there must be a way to play my NES can someone help me?

Nutter t.KK

can Mega Evolve!
The NES uses a Composite Video out in yellow Phono on side. You plug that in your TV's Composite input.

See this page on the NES: http://www.gametrog.com/GAMETROG/HO..._Entertainment_System_NES_Front_Loader_1.html

AS for your TV composite Input: It really depends on your TV, please refer to the Manual or the manufactures website. I could be wrong, but it appears that there is a SCART socket in there, if so, (at least in Europe) you can buy and adaptor to plug Composite Video in to a Scart socket.

The images are very small and offer very little help. I should point out that I could easily have mistaken the SCART Connection for something else.