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I need help finding the dogs


New Member
Okay, so I've searched the board and haven't found what I need yet.

I'm trying to find my Raikou. I've looked for a long time and it just won't appear. I'm using the same strategy that I used to catch Latios in Ruby. I have a level 48 Pokemon in the front and I'm using max repels. I'm going in and out of the building north of Vermilion (that leads to the underground path) and walking about 50-80 steps outside in the grass each time.

I've beaten the Elite 4 once, I got the national dex, and I found the Ruby and the Sapphire to help Celio fix his machine. Raikou still won't appear.

What more do I need to do?


Well-Known Member
You must be patient and continue walking in the grass. It will appear eventually. Make sure you are in Kanto and not in Sevii Islands.


New Member
Haha, so I found him.

After 4 and a half hours of looking, I find him 5 minutes after posting for help...