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I need help making a team...


I just want a decent team that I can use (nothing overrated, but still a great use for battles). I dont want to use the same Pokemon that everyone uses (Lucario, Gengar, Electivire, etc). I already did my homework on EV's and IV's, breeding, etc. thanks to all the FAQs and stick topics that I've been reading. I am going to be using this team for online battles or local wifi. What I do know for sure though is that I am going to have Alakazam in my team because I just prefer that Pokemon over any other for some reason (unless there is a reason I can add in a Dusknoir or something... Gengar is kind of overrated). If it helps, I am interested in Psychic, Water, Grass, Fire, Thunder, and Ground Pokemons... but you could add another one in the mix.

Alright, so Alakazam is in for Special Sweeper. I know that I have to train its EV's on SP.ATK and SPD, but what about its IV's? What is the recommended numerical number? I know its almost impossible to get 31 in all, but what you recommend?

I'll build a little fill out sheet so that I can compare with other users.
Pokemon recommendation:
Job (and how much EV points should go in each stat):
Holding Item:
Recommended IV's:
Egg moves (can be seperate from the movesets):