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I need help Using WiFi


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First thing's first, I guess. Do you have a source of wireless internet? (a router, access to a HotSpot, etc.) If not, no WiFi for you. T_T

Assuming you have wireless...
tap into the Nintendo WFC settings button on the beginning screen.
SSID: the name of the network (i.e. if you have a linksys router and never bothered changing it... the SSID would be linksys)
WEP Key: The password to the network, IF it uses WEP. Note: the DS/Pokemon can't handle the more secure forms of wireless (such as WPA2, and I think even WPA). If you have a router, make sure it's not set to those options.
For networks that you need usernames etc. to log onto, don't put a password here. (Note, for some of these, such as college networks, you might need to register your device with the network before the wireless will start working.)

Auto obtain IP/IP Address: If you've got a stable IP address for your DS to use, put it down. If not, just do auto obtain.

Subnet Mask, Gateway, probably gonna leave those blank.
Auto-obtain DNS/Primary DNS/Secondary DNS: Auto-obtain DNS (set to yes), is probably what you'll be using. Ignore Primary/secondary.

...hope that helped.

Edit: Oh, right. Forgot. If you're using a router, make sure that it's got the latest updates installed. Also, if you connect fine to the GTS but can't connect in the WiFi room, check your firewall settings.
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Assuming you have WiFi, from the start menu of whatever game you have, the screen where you choose Mystery Gift Imigrate Pokemon, etc. you have to choose Wifi options and connect it to your WiFi from there.


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you can use an access point(i think that's right) to go on wifi