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i need help with 2 things please!

draco draco

Jade Star Trainer
first: im got a fully trained shuckle (trained in def. and sp. def.) which got the moves, earthquake, toxic, double team and rest. im also got A LOT of pp up, so if someone can help me with what moves to boost, some other movesets there would be good to it, then i would be very happy...

second: how do you get the soul dew to latios/latias!?


maybe you could boost toxic or earthquake...because toxic may not be accurate and if you meet up with pokemon that are poison type and cannot use toxic,you can use earthquake to hit their weakness...but i think you should train your attack...what if you met up with snorlax with immunity?its impossible to kill it if your attack is low...but i think you already trained it to level 100 right?
1. Never EVER use Double Team.

2. Wrong forum.

3. Shuckle is useless. It's not going to put a dent in anything with base 10 Attack.

4. You EV trained it all wrong.

Bold Nature @ Leftovers
EVs: 252 HP / 160 Def / 98 SDef

6. List of counters (from smogon): any Steel/Poison type, Snorlax, Zangoose, anything with Rest, anything with Substitute, Blissey, Miltank, Celebi, Starmie, Gyarados, Tyranitar

Hmmm... They didn't add Taunt on there...


John's Knight

Well-Known Member
Chaos952 is right about all. Shuckle only had importance in Crystal, in Pokemon Tower (whatever it's called, can't recall :p). Now, anything can kill it. Shuckle has an EXCELENT defence and sp.defence, but it doesn't have enough HP to support it...pitty...

You can get Soul Dew in Southern Island.

Hope i've helped!!!


Well-Known Member
It's not in the wrong forum; he asked about the actual game too.

You can only get the soul dew from latias/Latios from southern Island.


Obsessive Beader/Mod
Since his one question about the game was answered, moving to RMT.


prophecy fulfilled
Shuckle used Earthquake!
(5 Damage)
Magneton lol'd in Suckle's face!

^ reason not to use it for attacking

Pokemon "X" used Substitute/Taunt
Shuckle had a Cardiac Arrest and died

^ reason to not use Shuckle period.


i use shuckle effectively IN GAME it sucks other wise dont use attacks use Who uses substitute/taunt ingame? no one

@chesto berry

doenst touch steels and alot of the counters above but fun o use max out evs in hp then split special defence and defence


Throw in a Steel-type against that Shuckle and it's screwed. I don't see how you can manage to do anyting with it InGame to be honest, and I really don't think it's hard to see why.