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i need help with wifi please help

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by dvsOne, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. dvsOne

    dvsOne Member

    i get the error 86420 when i try to battle or trade on wifi with my friends.
    @ support nintendo it says, "Ensure your router has the latest firmware installed. Visit your router manufacturer?s website and look for any updated firmware that may be available (these are typically found under "downloads" or by searching for your particular model number). Contact your router manufacturer for additional assistance."

    I'm not sure what it's asking me to do exactly. So if anyone knows what that means could they give me some pointers? or if anyone has had this problem before and knows how to fix it please... help.
  2. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    Wrong section: you might want to check out the Tech Help or google your problem. It seems like your router might not be compatible with Nintendo WFC.

    Moving this anyway.

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