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I need MAJOR Super Mystery Dungeon help (please help; THIS GAME IS RIDICULOUS)

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I'm not sure if this is the correct area so if it's not then please move it to said correct area. On to thread content.





I got beat up quite a bit in the second visit to Revelation Mountain and then beat up more in Abyssal Badlands.

I completed both but this is seriously starting to get ridiculous.

The walkthrough has the recommended level as 29+ and the recommended level for the next dungeon (Cave of the Deep) is 30+

How the HELL am I expected to grind? BECAUSE I'M NOT GIVEN TIME TO DO SO.

Plus... grinding is annoying. I hate it. I REALLY don't want to do it.

My pokemon are Squirtle (Main) and Fennekin (Partner). Squirtle is in mid 20's and Fennekin is 2 levels below wherever Squirtle is.

Am I screwed?

This ridiculous crap is eating through my Tiny & regular Reviver Seeds and I'm beginning to run low on Oran Berries and Tiny Reviver Seeds. I have a good chunk of regular Reviver Seeds but there's no doubt in my mind that I'll get low on them if I start bringing them more.

I play games because they're fun. When a game is BS, ridiculous, and harder-than-it-should be IT'S NOT FUN.

I'm not having fun with this game anymore. I'm legitimately not. It's kicking my *** and it's annoying the s*** out of me. I'm sorry I'm cussing but I'm just really frustrated with this crap.

I really don't want to have to start over from the beginning again.

Any advice? Keep in mind I don't have the item haul to grind.

Any help would truly be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


P.S.: Please keep in mind I really don't want to grind and I don't have the items for it.


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First off, ignore any level recommendations you're given because Super Mystery Dungeon is a game where levels don't mean a whole lot. Level grinding is never the answer in this game and it takes way too long. I finished the final boss at level 24 and was genuinely surprised when I heard people were at level 30 and above when they finished it.

This game is closer to a traditional rogue-like than past games so it's naturally going to be a more challenging game, especially if you expect something like the past Mystery Dungeon games. Item management is incredibly vital in this game, you will struggle without it because things will KO you fast, post game bosses can and will easily OHKO you as well. You need to make sure you have plenty of items, Reviver Seeds, Apples, Max Elixirs, Oran Berries, always make sure you have at least 5-7 of each. Always check the Kecleon shops for these things and stock up because you will need them, and if you're desperate you can spend 1 Gold Bar for 5 Reviver Seeds since you get Gold Bars at a very generous rate. You can also access Pelipper Island to buy this stuff since you're at the point where you can't check these places normally, this is an incredibly useful thing and I encourage you to make use of it.

Super Mystery Dungeon is not an easy game at all, but item management goes a long way in this game. It's not the hardest game I've played by a long shot, but it definitely asks more out of you than other Mystery Dungeon games.


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Can you explain to me what Pelipper Island is exactly? I tried it, but it gave another personality test and it confused me so I quit it.

How do I use it properly?

Don't worry about that quiz, those Pokemon you get there are just an extra that allows you to use those starters to rescue yourself when you get KOed in a dungeon. Later in post-game when you start getting Pokemon more regularly this won't matter at all. You'll have access to a Kecleon shop and Cofagrigus so you can buy stuff there, and it'll all get sent to your storage when you leave.


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Don't know if you still watch this, but I had a breeze all the way through the story mode of the game, and also the post game. This is what you need to do: get the water looplet ASAP, and then spend all your gold bars on vitamins/calcium/protein whichever you see most fit (but focus on raising the attack stats the most) and then go into a dungeon and have your starters and a third pokemon with you. Have your third pokemon hold the water looplet, and throw the calciums at your starters one by one. This will raise their stats by a lot and make them strong enough to handle the opponents in most dungeons, I did this with my turtwig and very soon it OHKO's pretty much anything. It knowing earthquake + razor leaf (ranged move) was a huge blessing.
This is how you get pokemon strong enough to take on the challenges of the later dungeons.

Also, always carry warp wands because when an enemy is being problematic you can just send it away with that one.


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If enemies can knock you you too quickly, try avoiding them. If they use whole room moves, use a pounch want to get your whole team closer since the usually only use those if you're far away. Also don't underestimate the power of alliances.

Also don't be afraid to use your items. I usually tend to hoard them, but when I get low on reviver seeds, I have to get more clever with how I use them.
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