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i need some c+c on my spites

how are my sprites over all

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i need some c+c on my spites some are better than others im looking for an over all critisim



Pokemon Breeder
Aight.. There aren't really any bad points, there are just some things that are buggin me.

-Some of them look, really weird. ex fire burmy, infernape at bot, machamp at top, the smeargle, and the sand guy, third row. Not that they're bad, they just look odd. And the first guy on the third row's fire looks wierd

-Line shading.. Got black lines on white/really light colors. I don't know if I am the only one that don't use black, I jus think it looks better

Otherwise they look really interesting, and pretty cool ideas..


Well you have incorect shading on for example houndor
The mew/smeargle lacks outline on tail
But many of the ideas are great and the torterra ghost is fine but the spooky line scould go around the tree not just the outline

i know...... these are old and new the good ones are new