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I think I figured it out!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Delirious The Porygon, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. lucario x

    lucario x ...

  2. lucario x

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  3. lucario x

    lucario x ...

  4. mew_pokegod

    mew_pokegod Mew fanatic

    what do you mean? the first and second gen had 3 legendarys to, actuly they had 5 and 6 .
  5. vappy

    vappy Manga Blows

    For the record, until we see an actual screenshot of Lucarios number, there is no reason to believe he isn't a legendary.
  6. Reizero90

    Reizero90 RM002

    RSE had Groudon, Kyogre AND Rayquaza, as well as the usual legendary trio. Because of this, people are assuming that because two legendaries are on DP boxes there will be a third, like Rayquaza was. It's a fairly stupid thing to presume, as two generations DIDN'T do it and only 1 did.
    And there are plenty or reasons for Lucario not be a legendary, number not included,
    (Sorry if someone replies with these answers before me.)
  7. vappy

    vappy Manga Blows

    Actually it is a pretty wise thing to presume.

    Two generations of pokemon didn't have pokemon contests either.

    So what's your point?

    And explain the reasoning for lucario not being a legendary?

    The lame rumor about his pre-evolution? Or the supposed claim by someone who claims to know his pokedex number?
  8. Reizero90

    Reizero90 RM002

    Contests were an added feature, little more than a minigame not vital to the storyline. And it is in no way related to what new pokemon will come out, so why you brought it up is beyond me.
    It's unlikely they're going to do exactly the same thing as RSE with the main legendaries again.
    And Lucario:
    Two abilities
    Neither of it's abilities are very legend-like
    It has lower stats than ANY other legend
    It's at a low level and available to use in most of the demos.
    It has had no counterpart shown.
  9. Knightmare

    Knightmare Well-Known Member

    The two abilities thing is the big one...
    no other legends have that, do they?
  10. vappy

    vappy Manga Blows

    The point of the contests, was to refute your argument that there is no reason to assume they would have a third theme based legend, when the first 2 generations didn't. I was demonstrating how that makes no difference, as things have changed, and can very likely stay.

    And the demo is the same as a beta test. He has an attack called "wave-guiding bomb" which is specific to his own specific pokemon type.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2006
  11. Galatica Phantom

    Galatica Phantom Mineral Trainer

    Well, I don't know. Since the R/S/E Legendary Trio had something in common. It's possible for the D/P Legendaries to have someting in common, I guess.
  12. Reizero90

    Reizero90 RM002

    Contests stayed because they were fun and popular, legends are vital to the storyline (or appear to be in this game). A third one getting thrown in would be way too much like RSE, and there would be cries of unoriginality everywhere.
    And Lucario having it's own attack isn't any indication of legendary status.
    Castform = weather ball
    Volbeat = tail glow
    Pichu line = volt tackle
    Starters = Blaze kick etc.
    There are probably many more, and this has undoubtedly been discussed to death on the main Lucario topic.
  13. vappy

    vappy Manga Blows

    So why do you keep replying on the subject of him? Mentioning him was just a minor point at the end of one of my replies.
  14. Letan

    Letan Silver Smashers CO

    Season's are made by time, light and temperature. I doubt the uber is gunna be seasons.
  15. Knightmare

    Knightmare Well-Known Member

    With a little more thought...
    I really really do think there will be a third matter-based legendary...

    because just as we had
    Groudon = ground
    Kyogre = water
    Rayquaza = air

    in the 4th gen there is
    Parukia = Space
    Diaruga = Time
    ??? = Matter

    it makes absolute perfect sense to me
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2006
  16. Reizero90

    Reizero90 RM002

    You made a point which was essentially incorrect and I corrected it, if you'd rather I sit back and wait for someone else to do it then just say. Because someone would. I'd rather not get into an arguement over a game.
    Anywho. IF GameFreak were really so out of ideas they decided to rehash RSE with new legendaries in the old one's places, it wouldn't be a seasons pokemon that would rival the huge forces of space and time.
  17. Brocko18

    Brocko18 Training telekinetic

    I think that it's a possibilty. Has anyone played Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages/SEASONS?
  18. 4 8 15 16 23 42

    4 8 15 16 23 42 Not Dead

    I doubt that IF there is a third legendary that it will be matter because I know that some of the people in my school have 4 year old brothers/Sisters that plays the Pokémon series, 4 year olds can understand Space, they know what Time is (hopefully) but I doubt that they'll understand Matter. I think that Gamefreak would want all ages to understand the games.

    Actually Space = Vacuum
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2006
  19. Kingdra

    Kingdra WHY?!?!

    I doubt seasons will be one of them but meh....anything's possible
  20. Delirious The Porygon

    Delirious The Porygon Dimmu Borgir

    Yall misunderstood me. I never said space or time causes seasons <_<

    I find it funny alot of people are acting like they know everything even though the game isnt out <_<.

    When I said seasons, I meant, the earth is in "Space", the Earth rotates over "Time", and over time, the Earth changes "Seasons". That's what I meant. I'm not saying it's right but it's just something to think about. That kinda makes sense considering, there are gonna be new weather stuff in the game such as snowy places(winter?).

    Also, Matter may make sense...but when has pokemon ever tried it's best to make sense? Yall are making it seem like its gonna be some intergalatic war of the destruction of the universe. And I doubt gamefreak is gonna make it like that.

    Edit: I forgot to ask my teacher BTW ^^ I guess I'll wait till tommorow.
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