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I Wanna Make You Smile! A SapphirePearlShippping One-Shot Rated G


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Hello! Just a little cute, fluffy SapphirePearl Ship. It takes place at PokePreschool where all the main characters that were 10-13 year olds of the anime will become 4-5 years old. Sorry, no smut. Rated G! And it's not my best work, either. But the cuteness should make up for it! Jessie and James are the same age as well, although bullies. I don't own Pokemon, just this storyline. = )Without further ado.........

::I Wanna Make You Smile!::


Dawn sat on the swing, wiping tears from her face, which dripped on her pretty new dress. It was a corsola-pink and had mock Bellosom flowers on the hem, complete with a tomato red bow around her tiny waist and little Skitties imprinted in the bulky ribbon. She also had her raven feather black hair in pig-tails with matching flowers which made her feel like that pretty woman on TV, Cynthia, except she had Starly feathers instead.The swing-set was almost deserted, if not for the little 4-year old. The swing-set was rusting top,and then there was the pale sand on the ground, almost as shiny as her tears, glittering softly, she weeped some more. Everyone else was playing over by the slide, where Ash Ketchum had found the hose laying around and decided to make a "slip 'n' slide". Except for one girl, who was jogging to Dawn fast as light. She carried a orange, flame like headed Torchic in her hands. She had her hair in austere pig-tails and was wearing a tickle-me-pink top saying 'Kiss me, I'm from Petalburg' in retro-style writing, a cute little jean skirt with a Mew doing a dip on the left front pocket, and to top it off, a shiny Celebi with a pink backround reading "s e r e b i i" bandanna on her milk chocolate brown hair. She scrunched up her face when she saw Dawn.

"Why awe youw sow sad?" the girl said, frowning, "It's the fiwst day of schoow, youw should be happy!"

Dawn stared at her feet as another tear feel on the sand, making it a dark brown. Why was she being nice to her? Should she talk to this oddly dressed big-mouth?

"Hellow!!" the girl rudely yelled," I'm talking tow youw, spacey!"

"Jessie and James keep picking on me!" Dawn yelled, she didn't like being picked on, "And now you're doing it too! Leave me alone!"

The girl looked offended. She scrunched up her face again.

"Listen, I down't like being picked on, eithew, but that doesn't mean you have tow yell at me like thwat!" the girl declared, "Now listen, youw need to stop cwying, youw gonna get ugly mawks like my mowm when she yells at me. But anways, I wanna be fwiends with youw, my names May, what's youwrs?"

Dawn was amazed. Someone talking to her? Someone as ugly as her? At least that's what Jessie said.

*Flashback to 20 Minutes Ago*

"Dawn you loser!" Jessie mocked, pushing her ruby red pig-tails up so they achivied maximum cuteness, "Your pigtails are so ugly that even Weird Al wouldn't even look at them!"

"You tell her Jessie!" James said, from behind Jessie's back. A group of kids were gathering.

"And, that dress is soooooo ugly that even the ugliest person would say no to it!" Jessie yelled, zoning in on poor Dawn's face, "Isn't that right James?"

"Oh yes!" James said, with a hint of fear in his tone. Ash made one of those "OOOOOOOOO" noises, as Jessie stuck her toungue out.

"You're so ugly, no one would look at you, even your mom!" Jessie taunted again. Ash made the "OOOOOOOOO" sound again.

"Haha!" James stiffled.

"Now go away! Go play with your loser Piplup!" Jessie taunted again as Dawn walked slowly to the swing-set.

*Back to the Present*

"But I'm ugly! Why would you want to talk tome?" Dawn weeped, rubbing her blushing eyes. May hooked her index finger under Dawn's chin and smiled slyly.

"Now howney I know ugly, thawts my mowm, and youw'we not!" May smiled, this time sincerely. Dawn creaked a tiny grin. May removed her finger.

"Okay! My name's Dawn! I like Piplups! And contests! And Cynthia, she's cool!" Dawn babbled.

"Now thawt's mowe like it!" May giggled, "Oh, I know this really good joke! Why did the kid throw the Celebi?"

"I don't know!" Dawn said, her dimples popping like pop-corn.

"To see time fly!" May announced, and they both cracked up. Suddenly Dawn stopped.

"May, think I have to use Mr. Toliet Bowl!! I laughed too much!" May suddenly clutched Dawn's hand, and, for a second, it felt like they were in love.

"I'll awsk Mrs. Ketchup if we can go pee-pee," May declared, leading Dawn by the hand. And boy, could May run! Within seven seconds, she was next to Mrs. Ketchum's right thigh. She started to tugging on her lavender pencil skirt. Finally, Mrs. Ketchum leaned down to be May's height.

"Mrs. Ketchum, Dawn has use *very low voice* the toilet," May whispered into Mrs. Ketchum's ear.

"It's an eeemmmeeerrrgggeeennncccyyy!!!!!" Dawn wailed.

Mrs. Ketchum nodded and then, quick as Mr. Roboto's whip, she took Dawn by the hand and led her to the bathroom.

-/15 Minutes Later/-

Mrs. Ketchum arrived with Dawn in her hand, looking quite frazzled. May couldn't really care. Dawn ran to May as fast as she could.

"What took youw sow wong?" May whined and grabbed Dawn, they were about to have fun when.......

"Oh look! It's Miss Pig-Face!" an Antarctican cold voice stung. It was none other than Jessie.

"Jessie!" May yelled, "Down't pick on my fwiend!"

"HA! HAHAHAHA! HA! You make me laugh, Mayline! HA!" Jessie spat, May blushed a thousand shades of red and magenta, "What're ya gonna fo next? Become a clown? Oh wait, you are one! HA! HAHAHAHA! HA!" Again, a crowd was gathering around the 4 pre-schoolers and now were chanting, "Mayline! Mayline! Mayline!" instead of "Ugly!".

"Down't cawl me by my weal name!" May defended. Dawn put her petite hand over miniscule mouth and started to inch behind May. Jessie sneered.

"And don't you cower behind Mayline, you piggy, Dawn!" Jessie put extra hatred on the word "Dawn". Dawn couldn't take it anymore. The crowd was still chanting "Mayline!"

"SHUT UP!" Dawn yelled, closing her cerulean eyes and putting her hands up by her tiny chin. Jessie looked like she got slapped. She was a red as a beet. In fact, she looked like a beet with pig-tails.


She breathed a sigh of relief. Jessie's jaw dropped a good 3 feet. She looked like all her insults go thrown back at her. Her "perfect" pig-tails drooped, minimizing her cuteness. Jessie got SERVED!

"Now c'mon May!" Dawn clenched May's hand as they ran to the swing-set. Dawn looked at May's face. She was crying.

"May, what's wrong?" Dawn said, and pushed back May's Hippowdon brown hair back, away from her face, "Girls are ugly when they cry."

"Nowthing," May explained,"Thew'we teaws of happiness! Thank youw!"

And she did somehting so amazing, so cute, so "Awwwwwww!".

May bear hugged Dawn.

"Thank youw!" May repeated, "Youw'we my BFFILADAATOBS! Thank youw fow everwething!! I wuv you!"

(Best Friends Forever Including Life And Death And All The Other Bad Stuff)

"You're welcome, I just wanted to make you smile!" Dawn said and smiled.

"And you did!" May said and smiled as well.

.....Later that day......

"Dawn, how was your first day at school?" Joanna asked.

"The BEST!" Dawn declared, "The Best!"

She kept thinking of May, and how much she'd loved to see her tomarrow, only it was Friday.

"Ma, I wanna go back to school!"



So how'd I do? I'm not so proud of it, especially because of the shortness, but I think it's really cute. This is for all SapphirePearlShippers out there! I hoped you all enjoyed! Oh yeah, I've got nothing against Jessie or James. Peace out!


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I`m not a big fan of SapphirePearlshipping,But this one is really is cute,You did a great job BlankAsPaper!
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aaaw this was cute! you're not a bad writer! Cute standing up for eachother! ^^

Mayline. I like it!



aint seen nothin yet
Thank you! Thank you! I didn't expect it to be liked..at all! And about the Mayline thing...I just made it up. I don't really know if May is her complete name or not, but I needed something for Jessie to tease her with so...Mayline was created. *nods* And that's it for me!(Because I'll start to babble...)
awww what a cute story. althought i don't like Dawn and May together it's worth reading.


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Reviewers here seriously need to read the rules. You guys are pretty much spamming. :C Elaborate your posts - this person has a well-lengthed story - you can do better than one-liners.


A very decent story line. I've pretty much enjpyed this fic and I have found it rather cute. I absolutley love the title. There are however some typos and the main culprit is the w keypad, unless you were using it in speech marks to give a cute effect. I didn't really find it distracting but there are some others who don't really like that.

So other than the Ws, The sctructure is pretty good. and I found the story line pretty adorable and the interactions were sweet too.


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Sooooooooooo adoWable! (Ha, ha I used to write that way for cuteness, until a few years later, when I realized that I no longer understood a single thing it said)
The preschool theme is really cute!
I love it!