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I Want a DIALGA Come to check what i Give


The Blind Bandit
Hey, well im actually looking for a lvl 47 untouched dialga with Timid, Hasty or naive nature, With 113-114 speed i take also the 112. well What im offering are the following pokemon for it.

Shinny Onix Clean caught at victory road
Shinny Machamp with 10 protein and 10 carbos on it, from ruby
Turtwigs(some know seed bomb, Egg Move)
Chimchars(might know aerial ace or grass knot)
Gibles(some know earthquake)
Ryperior lvl 88 perfect EV trained, maxed attck def and sp def.
Palkia lvl 47 Has pokerus.
Glaceon lvl 6
Leafeon lvl 31(female)
Lvl 5 Vaporeon(female)
Lvl 70 Naive Kyogre untouched
Lvl 100 female tyranitar
Lvl 50 Slaking
Lvl 78 Suicune(from distant land Colosseum)

I take Sinny or normal Dialgas so please offer and ask for any pokemon you like, ask if you dont see anything you like on the list and i will see if i can breed them to you, got starters from previous gens too except for blastoise.